Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

NEWSLETTER No 131 - January 2012


  1. Officers & Committee members
  2. Editorial
  3. From the Archives
  4. 2011 Guild AGM and Minutes
  5. The amended and agreed Guild Rules
  6. Committee meeting report
  7. Long Compton louvres
  8. Temple Guiting is now 6!
  9. El Presidente's crossword
  10. 65th anniversary of Walter Large's death
  11. The Wellesbourne Ringing Conference
  12. Another National Initiative
  13. Inter-Shires Competition
  14. The 2011 Christmas Party
  15. Mid-Week Tours
  16. A Poem
  17. A Useful Touch of Bob Minor
  18. St Thomas's Day ringing at Ebrington
  19. Notices and adverts
  20. Around the towers
  21. Diary of Saturday meetings and events
  22. Tag End



Temple Guiting's augmentation to 6 has happened! Arthur Berry, bellhanger from Malvern, with his assistant Roger Hunt from Fladbury, installed the new bell in its awaiting pit on Monday 7th November and then finished the fitting out the following Friday. A try-out of the bell with its older relatives occurred the next day. The installation is the end of a project that started in 1971, when Taylors of Loughborough rehung the 5 bells. There were fairly firm plans to augment to 6 at that time, as a new 6-bell frame was provided, and Taylors' drawings show the extra bell in broken lines. Unfortunately, the money then seems to have run out and the 5 were hung in the new frame with the spare pit just.... waiting. 40 years on, the project is complete. Read the full story.