Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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PLEASE NOTE: the proposal to raise the subscription to £5 per annum (Juniors £2 per annum) was accepted by the members at the 2011 AGM at Barford on October 15th. Please read the Editorial on p.3 and then pay the new-rate subs with a smile!

For all-round ease, download it in PDF format.

Events for 2012 are:-

Guild Annual DinnerSaturday 4th February, White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh (see details)
Summer BBQ & river tripSaturday 9th June, Evesham. Full details in April Newsletter. Book the date!
Guild Ringing Toureither Saturday 7th July if a one-day event as before.
or Friday 6th — Sunday 8th July if a weekend (see mention of this possibility in October Newsletter.)
Locations & other details tba: book the date(s)!
Mini-Mouse Striking compSaturday 8th September. Possibly at Salford, Oxon. Details tba.
Guild Walking TourSeptember/October: a firm date is tba (2011's walk was a delight!)
Guild AGMSaturday 13th October. Possibly at Chastleton, but details tba. Book the date!
Inter-Shires CompetitionSaturday 17th November. Details tba

Next issue of the FSG Newsletter

The deadline for the next issue of the FSG Newsletter (April 2012) is March 13th 2012

This Newsletter survives only because of the contributions you make to it. Without them it will fail. Articles can be submitted to the undersigned via email or to the postal addresses shown above, or to any committee member.

Please contribute something, however small (or large). You would be surprised the things people enjoy reading about. A few suggestions: an historical item; a funny story; a quarter peal report; poems; puzzles; tales, events past and to come; a ringing tour, even! Send them in. They will all be welcome - and photos, too, you'll notice.

. . . . and don't worry if you think your handwriting is unintelligible. It can normally be translated. Just send it in!

(Caretaker) Newsletter Editor: .

If sending articles by email, please use MS Word (not the dreaded Works*) format for written articles, JPG format for photos, and scanned items in PDF or JPG formats. (We have the facility to scan photo prints if you haven't.) Please let us know ownership of photos for acknowledgement where relevant. If you have a long article, you might consider breaking it into parts.

(* If you've only got Microsoft Works, then Save As your article into Rich Text Format - ie, suffix .rtf - and send in this form.)