Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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I'm very pleased to mention that eleven different members contributed articles to this issue. This indicates the Newsletter is alive and (I like to believe this) is being read. Thank you to all those contributors. It is the Guild's mouthpiece and therefore your mouthpiece.

This quarter is normally a busy time for Guild activities. There have been a larger-than-normal number of quarter-peals (I know, because I type them out!).

Additionally, there has been the 'normal' ringing tour in July and the walking tour at the beginning of October. Both of these events were successful judging by the reports and the photos (but I suspect Steve Bowley would tell you the camera does lie, as he doesn't have a 'Desperate Dan' left arm!). There is a possibility that next year's ringing tour might just be a little different if Sophia and Richard L-S's idea comes to fruition: a weekend ringing tour from Friday to Sunday. While this might appeal particularly to caravanners and campervanners, the overnight location would be chosen to offer cheap accommodation. Do not be surprised if Richard or Sophia 'lean' on you to encourage support (I have already been leant on...; and beware of Sophia, as she's particularly effective). Seriously, the idea has much merit and should offer a new dimension to the Guild's activities. Richard and Sophia are looking for 'expressions of interest' for this.

The AGM looms before us. The notice was given in the July Newsletter, together with the agenda, the Guild accounts and the proposals to be made. While it might look a lot of business, most of the reports and proposals are likely to be taken 'as read', to shorten the process. Mike Rees is stepping down as Guild Treasurer, a job he has done for many years, and a volunteer to take on this important task is very much required. There must be a number of members out there who have some sort of accountancy background. Please consider giving some time to the Guild as its Treasurer.

Please note the appeal for young ringers to attend and contribute to the CCCBR Conference on 'Change Ringing for the Future' at Wellesbourne on November 12th (see Notice).

Christmas is coming! I know it's a just a wee bit early to be thinking of that, but this is the last Newsletter before that joyous occasion. I hope you will notice, contrary to what was said at the September Committee meeting, that a Guild Christmas Party is thought to be a good idea after all. Therefore, there will be a get-together in the Church Rooms after the practice at Chipping Campden on December 17th, starting at about 8.00pm (see Notice).

This is the fourth reminder that the job of Newsletter Editor is up for grabs. I'm available to discuss the requirements of being the Editor of this august journal. Again, no one has contacted me. Do, please, remember that I am departing after the January 2012 Newsletter. It isn't the hardest of jobs (I've done much of the hard work in setting up the format), but some time is required. See the advert on the back page. Don't think there's a dearth of material out there and therefore there will be nothing with which to fill the Newsletter. It somehow keeps coming in.

Chris Povey

(The views expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Four Shires Guild or its Committee. The Newsletter was proof-read by Richard Lewis-Skeath.)


Please note the following error in the Guild 2010 accounts as published in the July Newsletter.

Under 'Expenditure 2010' the cost of Coventry Silverware should be £56.83. The totals at the bottom of the column are unaffected.

The error is due to the Editor's sloppy transcription of the note distributed by the Treasurer to Committee members at their June meeting. Any copies of the accounts at the AGM will incorporate the correct figure, and the Chairman or Treasurer will mention this error then.