Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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A Useful Touch of Bob Minor

Plain Bob Minor is rung fairly regularly. A quarter peal requires at least 540 changes to be added to the 720 changes of the extent. There is the 'normal' 540, which goes like this:-

540 Plain Bob Minor
23456        W      H
45236        -      -
32456        -      S
34256               S
Repeat twice (3-part)
('W'= 5-6 up; 'H'= 5-6 down; '-' = bob; 'S' = single)

There are a few other options for the extra length, just to spice things up a bit if the normal one gets boring. Here is one I arranged to give an overall length of 1296 (the extra bit is 576 changes), when there was a push to ring quarters of 1296 changes on 1st February 1996 (uh, gettit?).

That initiative won't return for a long time. It would be a shame if such 'specialist' touches were to sink into oblivion, when, for the sake of a few extra changes, a more interesting Quarter might derive. Here is 'my' 576:-

576 Plain Bob Minor
23456     W     4ths     B     In     H
35426            -                    -
25346                    -      2      
45236     -              -      2     -
32456     -                           S
Repeated (2 part)
('W'= 5-6 up; 'B'= run out; 'H'= 5-6 down;
'-' = one bob; '2' = 2 bobs (in twice); 'S' = single)

'Hmmm,' somebody with a long memory might say, 'I've seen that before somewhere'. Indeed you have. It was in the FSG January 1996 Newsletter; and it was in a letter from me to the Ringing World at about that time.

Go on - give it an airing. And yes, it is true (computer proved).

Chris Povey