Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

NEWSLETTER No 126 - October 2010


  1. Officers & Committee members
  2. Editorial
  3. Guild Master's Report 2009/10 (for AGM)
  4. Committee meeting report
  5. The Guild Minute Book 1909-1924
  6. Guild Ringing Tour to Rutland
  7. Guild Mid-Week Tours hit 250!
  8. El Presidente's crossword
  9. Mini-Mouse Striking Competition
  10. Guild Walking Tour
  11. Q of Bob Minor
  12. An Original idea (part 3)
  13. Notices and adverts
  14. Tower of the quarter
  15. Around the towers
  16. Letters to the Editor
  17. Diary of Saturday meetings and events
  18. Tag End


COVERS PERIOD 1909 - 1924.

Steve Bowley, Guild Ringing Master, received a most interesting email in June. The writer said a colleague had the FSG Minute Book dating from 1909, and would the Guild like to have it. Steve replied that we would very much like to have it. He arranged to meet the writer at the local practice, near Swindon, and returned home that night with the book. A quick look through revealed it ran through from the very first meeting to 1924, a total of 110 pages filled with the earliest of Guild history. A real treasure trove!

Should anyone think the present-day Guild has the wrong name, don't worry. The middle of the right-hand page carries the important words: 'That a Guild known by the title of the Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers be formed. Proposed by Canon Houghton; Seconded by Mr W Large'. No name-changing required. There from Day1! Read the article "The Guild Minute Book 1909-1924".

(Never in my wildest dreams did I think when I wrote 'Founded 1909' underneath the FSG badge on the front of the last Newsletter - did anyone notice? - that the next Newsletter's front page would show a document that fully proved the statement. Life is full of surprises: some small, some large - and some massive! Ed)