Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 2nd September

The Committee met at Ilmington on 2nd September. The major subject for consideration was the final arrangements for the AGM in October. The Guild Master's report was considered and minor amendments suggested (final version, Ed).

Additionally, there were reports from each of the Guild Officers and other committee members with specific responsibilities. It was noted that the Child Protection guidelines are being reviewed in October, and the CP Officer will monitor any changes. The Membership Secretary reported on the current position with paid-up members, but there had been little or no change since last time.

Guild events since the last meeting were reported. These were the Ringing Tour to Rutland on July 3rd and the Minimus Striking Competition on August 14th. The Ringing Tour was well-attended and was deemed a great success. The reintroduction of the Minimus Striking competition at Cold Aston had three teams plus two scratch teams, but those participating had a very enjoyable time.

The purchase of a new, home-style Canon printer was reported. This is to print the Newsletter in-house and hopefully will last for four editions, thus making its write-off value £14.50 per edition. We shall see . . .!

The details of the proposed FSG Bell Fund were discussed briefly. The Guild Master offered to produce a draft for discussion. The call for contributions towards the CCCBR's new Roll of Honour to record the names of ringers killed in War was discussed. It was agreed to donate £20 towards this.

The Old Minute Book was discussed and there was much support for depositing this in a County Archive on a non-transferred ownership basis. Steve Bowley was asked to investigate this aspect more formally. A facsimile copy of the book has been made.

The Guild Dinner will be held on 5th February 2011. (See Notices and adverts Ed).

Next Meeting: 2nd December, Ilmington.