Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Notices and Adverts

Saturday, 5th February 2011

The Annual Dinner will be held at The Royal White Hart Hotel, Moreton in Marsh, Glos
7.00 for 7.30pm.


Winter vegetable broth served with crusty bread
Ham hock terrine with apple chutney


Roast pork served with fondant potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, seasonal Vegetables and gravy
Poached salmon with crushed new potatoes, seasonal vegetables and finished with a herb cream sauce
Ribbons of pasta with oven dried tomatoes and goats cheese


Vanilla crÈme Brulee served with shortbread
Apple crumble served with custard


Cost of Dinner £20.00

Please let either John Nicholls on 01386 841084 or Peter Quinn on 01789 840827 know your choice of menu by Saturday 22nd January 2011

There will be a guest speaker

The striking competition cups and trophies will also be presented

Notice of Proposal to the Annual General Meeting

The following proposal will be made by me on behalf of the Guild's Committee at the AGM on October 16th 2010:-

'That a Four Shires Guild Bell Fund be established with the money accrued by the FSG Mid-Week Tours (presently in the Guild's bank account and standing at some £1400). This Fund is to be administered by the Committee, for the purpose of making grants to churches within the Guild's area of operation for bell renovation, refurbishment, maintenance and associated works. The detailed terms and operation of the Fund are to be proposed subsequently by the Committee, which will report these to, and seek approval from, the membership before operation commences.'

Peter Quinn, Guild Master

The following will be proposed by me as an Addendum to the above proposal and relates to the details of the scheme and its operation:-


  1. The Fund shall be known as The Four Shires Guild Bell Restoration Fund. References to 'the Guild' shall mean the Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers.
  2. The object of the Fund shall be to provide financial assistance by way of grants to churches in the Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers' area of operation that are to incur expenditure on the provision, maintenance or improvement of their ring of bells and bell installations.
  3. The committee of the Guild shall administer the Fund.
  4. The committee shall have the power, after considering an application submitted to it in writing, to approve a grant from the Fund.
  5. The committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees, which will report back their suggested actions fully and promptly to the committee. The committee shall have the power to co-opt such persons as it considers necessary to assist in its deliberations.
  6. The management of the Fund shall be an item on the agenda of every meeting of the committee.
  7. The amount of grant given by the committee will depend solely on the state of the finances of the Fund at the time of application. Grants approved by the committee shall become payable after satisfactory completion of the restoration work.
  8. All monies will be kept in the general account of the Guild and will be accounted for separately by the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet for the Fund as at 31st December in each year, including income and expenditure of the Fund in that year, which shall be examined by the Independent Examiner elected by the members of the Guild at its Annual General Meeting.
  9. The committee shall have the power to raise funds by any means it sees fit.
  10. Any grant shall lapse if not claimed within two years from the date it was awarded. Should such occur, the party to which the grant was originally awarded will be notified of the lapse in writing by the Guild. A written re-application will be allowed, at which point it will be treated as a new application.
  11. In the event of the dissolution of the Fund, its assets shall be distributed equally to the bell repair funds of the surrounding guilds/societies/associations for them to carry on with the work of bell restoration and repair.

Peter Quinn, Guild Master


This is a reminder for back issues of the Guild's Newsletter. The Librarian of the CCCBR's Library, John Eisel, has asked whether any - or all - back issues of the Newsletter might be available for the Library's collection. (The CC library is the most comprehensive collection of ringing books and information in existence.) If you have any duplicates, or have a collection you think might be better in the CC's library than taking up space in your home, then please get them to the General Secretary, Andrew Gunn. Please delve into little places that haven't been disturbed for a time.

This may be an appropriate time to suggest any collections of Newsletters that might otherwise get chucked out if circumstances change (Spring clean, house move, or . . . ) could be given to the Guild before the 'I didn't realise they were wanted, and if I'd known, etc' is uttered as the flames lick the hallowed pages, or the dust cart drives away.


reporter for the Mid-Week Tours

The Newsletter used to include reports of the Mid-Week Tours (fondly - but quite unkindly, of course - called 'The Geriatrics' Tours'), given by one or another of the regulars on these. Sadly, nothing has been reported for some time now. These tours are Guild-run events, therefore reports in the Newsletter are very appropriate. A lot of ringers attend them, so interest in a report of the three tours between Newsletters will be wide. Would anyone (or any people) like to produce a regular report? If so, contact the Newsletter Team