Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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El Presidente's Crossword

El Presidente continues to provide fodder for the FSG crossword enthusiasts, whom we hope managed to cope without one in the last Newsletter


1	Ancient counting frame still used in China. (6)
2	Belonging to the dog. (6)
3	Blueprint (4)
4	Ideal for ringing a peal - in a warm room! (1,5)
5	St Peter. A light 10 in Worcestershire (8)
6	The little fellow from the Emerald Isle (10)
7	A rod-shaped bacterium (8)
8	A person placed for surveillance (5,3)
14	Threefold (10)
16	Abbey Church of the Holy Cross in Worcestershire (8)
17	Is it called this because it catches people out? (8)
18	Part and parcel of ringing (8)
22	Spoiled in rude arrangement (6)
23	An alarm-bell (6)
24	An international car (6)
27	St Edward. A heavy eight in the North Cotswolds (4)


9	St George. Heavy six in Warwickshire (7)
10	Mix tan with glee to become graceful (7)
11	Italian wine (7)
12	County town with 10 bells at St Mary's (7)
13	He saw it all! (9)
15	There are definitely strings attached here (5)
16	Eg. Bellringing (7)
19	Look into blockhead's etiquette to find something over the ears (7)
20 	This isn't anything to do with the town (5)
21	St Eadburgha's in the North Cotswolds (9)
25	A bean as the Frenchman would say (7)
26	Unknown to most people these can attack wooden bell-frames (7)
28	Rice, meat and onions, etc (7)
29	Unusual things from abroad (7)

Answers by post to El Presidente by November 1st 2010. Mark envelope 'FSG crossword'. Answers in the next Newsletter. The first correct answer opened after this date wins the first prize of a night out with John at the pub. A second prize is once again offered: two nights (but must be consecutive).


St Michael's Ringing Chamber was 6 yards, no feet, no inches wide x 8 yards, no feet, no inches long. El Presidente received six answers this time, all being correct, although John Carroll was the lucky one apparently. (Let us know whether you were successful in claiming your prize, JC . . .)