Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 9th June

The June Committee meeting was postponed for a week, to the 9th, due to the indisposition of some members. Keith Murphy, as CC Rep, was invited to attend. Matters Arising were:-

  1. John N reported that he had arranged for the Intershires Striking Competition to be held at Cherington, although the date is not yet fixed;
  2. Minute Books: Chris updated on what he'd managed to discover about the Old Minute Book's history before it came back to Guild ownership last year: not much, unfortunately (see From the Archives). The situation concerning some missing pre-1974 books was discussed, and concern is growing that these might not return from their lastknown location. Efforts to obtain them will continue;
  3. Andrew has drawn up a list of towers with which to tackle the Guild artefacts survey. This is very good and will provide a useful start;
  4. a draft document outlining in detail the proposed changes to the Guild's Constitution and Rules was tabled for discussion. With minor changes, this was accepted as the Committee's proposal for change at the 2011 AGM. As any changes to the Rules require the approval of the members at an AGM, the proposals as agreed will be published in the July Newsletter to ensure full circulation, along with the formal notice of the proposal to make changes (see Guild Rules: details of proposal to amend; notice concerning proposals);
  5. Striking Competition Rules: Bill tabled some proposals for this at the meeting. Copies of his proposals for the competition were made for each member to take away and consider. These included his suggestion for dealing with false touches: that these should not matter, as the event is a striking competition, not a conducting competition. This did not receive support, particularly regarding the inadvertent sounding of rounds (as had happened in 2010). An alternative proposal for treating this aspect was submitted by Chris, and this received majority support, such that it will be adopted for the 2011 competition (see Notice: proposals). Bill's suggestions for Striking Competition changes will be discussed at the next committee meeting;

Highlights of the reports from the various holders of posts included:-

  1. Treasurer: Mike submitted the Guild accounts for 2010. These are to be reported in the July Newsletter as part of the AGM Notice (see p.3). They show a continued reduction in surplus money;
  2. Newsletter Editor: Chris showed a draft of the July newsletter, suggesting 14 pages again. Due to his holiday commitments, printing will be in the first week of July at earliest, so distribution to members will be slightly later this time;
  3. Vice-President's (Mid-week) Tours: these average about 20 people per time. Money collected on recent tours was handed to the Treasurer, and thanks was expressed to Isobel for running this activity;
  4. Guild Bell Restoration Fund: no applications since Temple Guiting, on which Chris updated. The PCC have now ordered the work formally and installation of the new treble is due in September.
  5. Keith M gave an extensive and more detailed account of the Central Council meeting at Hereford in May.

Other items for discussion included:-

  1. Agenda and arrangements for the 2011 AGM agreed (see Notice);
  2. Guild Walk and Mini-Mouse Comp: full details of each event now available (see Notices: Walking Tour; Notices: Minimus Striking);
  3. Xmas Party: deferred for this year. Guild Dinner 2012: decided to return to the White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh, as the venue, food and service were judged to have been extremely good.

Next Meeting: 1st September, Ilmington.

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)