Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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From the Archives (100 yrs ago)

Somewhat amazingly, there were no entries in the Old Minute Book for the period 1st July to 30th September 1911!

This may therefore be an appropriate moment to give a brief update (as much as I've been able to glean) on the history behind the discovery of the Old Minute Book. It appears it was given some 50 years ago to the Swindon ringer that recently passed it to the Guild. Apparently it did indeed lie in a drawer until his wife decided a Spring Clean was necessary and it was very nearly thrown out, but was saved at the last moment. But how did it get from here to Swindon? The contact I have there tells me the Swindon ringer was given the Book by Frank Wilton, who was a ringer from Swindon and who was stationed at the Fire Services College at Moreton for a time. That answers the question of how it got to Swindon. The really interesting question is: from where or from whom did Frank Wilton obtain it? We may never know.

I can just about remember Frank Wilton, as he was still ringing at Moreton in about 1966/67, when I was going to the Friday night practices there.