Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Notices and Adverts

Four Shires Guild Newing Trophy Striking Competition
Amendment to Rules

To resolve the confusion over the unintended false touch that occurred in the 2010 Newing Shield Striking Competition and the lack of direction regarding this in the present Rules, the Committee agreed on the following additional rule at its meeting on June 9th. The new rule will have immediate effect and will become number 10 in the list of rules. It will therefore be in force at the 2011 Striking Competition at Barford:-

'The method ringing part should not include unintended duplication of changes and the conductor should minimise this if errors occur. Should unintended rounds be rung in the middle of the test piece, the band will forfeit this part of the competition unless they start the test piece again, in which case the whole of the method ringing will be marked (unless it occurs within the first 30 changes, when the faults within that length will be cancelled: see rule 6ii).'

Notice of Proposals to the 2011 Annual General Meeting

The following proposals will be made on behalf of the Guild's Committee at the AGM on October 15th 2011 by those shown below:-

Agenda item 12 (to be proposed by Peter Quinn, Guild Master):
'That the Four Shires Guild's Rules be amended, to reflect the changes that have taken place since they were last considered and amended in April 1992.

The amendments and other changes proposed are outlined on pages 10 & 11 of this Newsletter (July 2011, no 129), a copy of which is distributed to all members.'
Agenda item 13 (to be proposed by Mike Rees, Hon Treasurer):
'That the Four Shires Guild's annual subscription be raised from £3 to £5, the increase to take effect from 1st January 2012. An increase is required, because the annual expenditure exceeds the annual income. This situation has been reported to the membership at the last three AGMs. The Committee believes an increase now is preferable to a further delayed but consequentially much larger increase.

The reduced rate for junior members (those at school), presently £1.50, is proposed to rise to £2.00.'

Guild MINIMUS Striking Competition for the MINI-MOUSE TROPHY
to be held on Saturday, 10th September 2011, at Temple Guiting, 6.00pm start

The Mini-Mouse Striking Competition is to happen again this year. Remember, it's intended to be fun, so come along to have some fun. As last year, it will be on a 5, ie Minimus with tenor covering, but if you want to ring just the back 4, that's entirely OK, too.

It's an early evening event this year, with the competition just before the evening practice, so the programme will be as below.
(This may be the last chance to ring on Temple Guiting's bells as a 5, as the augmentation work starts soon after.)

6.00-7.00pm: Striking Competition
7.00-7.30pm: results in the church (or churchyard if nice), with cheers and groans as appropriate
7.30-8.30pm: evening practice ringing

Teams can be associated with a tower, or any five FSG paid up members can form a team with a name. No ringer can ring for more than two teams. All teams get a warm-up practice of 3 minutes, and then no further practice. A maximum of about 10 whole pulls of rounds before the test piece, which can be any Minimus method. Rounds before and after not marked. No rising and falling in this event. That's it for the Rules!

Names of teams and ringers names in them to me by Monday 9th August if possible; otherwise turn up on the day and fit in.

Organiser (to whom all thanks, Ed): Sophia Lewis-Skeath 01608-652789 ()

Four Shires Guild Annual Walking Tour
Saturday 1st October 2011

This year's walking tour will centre around the villages of Willersey, Broadway (Old Church) and Saintbury. Although this is primarily a walking tour and thus towers are chosen that can provide a realistic route, it is always a benefit to have at least some of the ringers travelling by car between towers, so, walkers, non-walkers, ringers, non-ringers, this is a day for all to enjoy.

The day will start with ringing at St Peter's, Willersey (6, 12cwt) at 10 am for 45 minutes. Leave cars at village hall car park. We then walk to Broadway to arrive around 12 for an early lunch and a drink at one of the pubs or cafes. The Crown and Trumpet is on our route out of Broadway towards the Old Church (St Eadburgha's) and may be a good place for a drink. If bringing sandwiches they can be eaten on one of the many benches in the town or in the churchyard of St Michael's, which is next door to the pub.

Our next tower is St Eadburgha's, (6, 18cwt), a little further past St Michael's, where the bells are rung from the ground at the Chancel Crossing. Aim to ring from 2 to 2.45pm. We then walk back to Broadway by a different route across the fields and across country to St Nicholas's, Saintbury (8, 11cwt) arriving at around 4pm. We then walk back to Willersey and should be back at the cars by 5.15pm.

The total route walked is 6 miles, most of it on very pleasant footpaths. Non-ringers are most welcome to join us. There is an opportunity for non-ringers to spend around 2 hours looking around Broadway if the walk to St Eadburgha's is avoided.

If you plan to walk you will need stout walking shoes or preferably boots. I recommend you come prepared with waterproof clothing and of course flask and packed lunch. Even if you plan to visit the pub it is always a good idea to carry at least water and some food items with you.

Please contact me nearer the time if you would like to join the walk — even if you can only make it to one of the towers you will be most welcome; and of course if any of the regular ringers at any of the 3 towers want to join the tour, they will be warmly received.

Organiser (to whom all thanks, Ed): Wendy Mace 01608 682543 ()

Historic Churches Ride 'N' Stride event

This year's event is being held on Saturday 10th September in each of our four Shires. As mentioned here last year, it is an enjoyable event that has the added satisfaction of knowing that the money raised by your efforts on a bike or on foot will go to good causes, which are very much associated with our Art: no church, no bells! The following web-sites provide the information required:-


(Warwickshire event details available from Trustee & Ride Co-ordinator , or tel 01789-266415)


At the 2010 AGM the Guild established a Bell Restoration Fund, from which the Committee are empowered to offer grants to suitable aspects concerning rings of bells within the Guild's area of operation. Such aspects may include a range of needs, from maintenance to augmentations. Application forms are available from the Honorary Secretary.

A grant has already been offered to Temple Guiting for their augmentation.