Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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From the Archives (100 yrs ago)

The Old Minute Book records nothing from July to the end of September 1912, except the following addition to the Committee meeting held on October 2nd 1912 to discuss the forthcoming Guild Meeting on October 23rd. I am inclined to think the addition, which is the results of the Striking Competition held at Campden on April 25th, was an afterthought, and should really have appeared with the Minutes of that Meeting (see From the Archives in the April 2012 Newsletter). Here are those results:-

The following were the results of the Competitions held at Campden on 25th April.

Rising & Sinking  Round Ringing 
Longborough 32 points   Longborough89 points
Moreton 28 "   Moreton83 "
Shipston 15 "   Shipston74 "
Blockley  0 " Blockley76 "
Call Changes  Method Ringing 
Longborough 83 points   Longborough79 points
Moreton 79 "   Shipston 0 "
Blockley 77 "
Shipston 60 "

Clearly, Longborough ringers were the big hitters at that time. They wiped the board in all four categories. Blockley obviously had a problem with 'Rising & Sinking': zero points; and Shipston similarly mucked up with the Method Ringing. I'll bet there were a few hard words for those who caused the zeros! Ed