Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

NEWSLETTER No 124 - April 2010


  1. Officers & Committee members
  2. Editorial
  3. From the President
  4. Committee meeting
  5. Annual Dinner
  6. Rev Spencer John Jones and his Cup
  7. Tower of the quarter
  8. FSG Centenary Peal follow-up
  9. News from Welford-on-Avon
  10. Audi Vide Tace
  11. The President's crossword
  12. An Original idea (part 1)
  13. Notices and adverts
  14. Letters to the Editor
  15. What's happening at Saintbury?
  16. Around the towers
  17. Diary of Saturday meetings and events
  18. Tag End
(Photo: Chris Povey)


This church is very special to the Guild, as the first FSG peal was rung here on February 2nd 1910, the details of which are:-

Wednesday February 2nd, 1910; in 2 hours 50 minutes
A Peal of GRANDSIRE DOUBLES, 5040 changes.
C Randalltreble   E Randall4th
C Bird2nd   W Large (cond)5th
F Bird3rd   G Hiatttenor

A peal to celebrate the centenary of this event wasn't possible, but instead a quarter was rung here by members of the FSG committee:-

Tuesday February 2nd, 2010; in 43 mins
Andrew Gunntreble   Peter Kenealy 4th
Peter Quinn2nd   Chris Povey (cond)5th
Jackie Hands3rd   John Nichollstenor
Remembering that pioneering band of 100 years ago.

The bells here are a mixture: treble, 2nd & 4th by Richard Keene, 1689/90, 3rd by John Rudhall, 1792, 5th by Matthew Bagley III, 1752, and tenor (11-3-7, F#) by George Mears, 1864. The oak bellframe, by Whites of Appleton, dates from 1864. The bells were rehung by Whites in 1991 in the existing frame. They were retuned by Whitechapel Bell Foundry. The first peal in the tower was the FSG peal above; and the 1st peal after the rehang (9m/v Doubles), also rung for the FSG, was on 16/10/1993. Seven peals have been rung here in all.