Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 11th March

The Committee met at Ilmington on March 11th. The Minutes of the December meeting and the two intermediate meetings dealing specifically with the CCCBR application were confirmed without amendment. Matters Arising included the application to the Central Council, which was due to be discussed by the CC's Admin Committee on March 20th (see Stop Press). If we pass this first stage, then we shall have to consider how we present our case at the full Council meeting at the end of May in Derby. The President's Statement was presented. Subscription rates and the number of subscriptions paid to date were discussed. It is clear the rate will have to rise, and a recommendation will be made to the membership at the AGM for this to occur. The Treasurer will prepare a case for this based on income and expenditure now and in the future. Less than 50% of subs have been paid so far, which is disappointing and it certainly doesn't help the finances.

The next item was future events. The Ringing Tour on 3rd July has now been organised; the Guild Walk is in the process of being finalised, but the date has had to be changed to September 25th; and the AGM and Striking Comp will be at Broadwell. The setting-up of the proposed FSG Bell Fund was deferred to the next meeting.

Reports of Officers followed. The Ringing Master suggested having some deputies to join a rota to look after the Saturday practices, as every week for one person is a large commitment. This was agreed in principle: Ringing Master to investigate feasibility. A discussion centred around membership numbers and Newsletter production numbers, and some guidelines for this were discussed. An updated correlation was necessary quickly; and this should take into account those members not requiring a hardcopy (obtaining from website). It was agreed to print 200 copies again in April. The Newsletter Editor emphasised the need to consider the future deadline dates, to ensure proper advance notice to members. It was noted that the webmaster was away from mid-April to mid-June.

Items for discussion included the proposed Minimus (Minimouse) Striking Competition. It was decided to run it, probably in August, but the location, date and format would be agreed at the next meeting, and a notice would appear in the July Newsletter. AGM items will be considered at the next meeting, so that a notice giving the date, 2009 accounts, full agenda and any relevant motions can be published in the July Newsletter. Whether to have a Christmas Party in December was discussed in the light of the low attendance last year and in previous years. If we do, should we change the format? (Perhaps members reading this might like to pass on any suggestions to a committee member.) Proposed deadlines for the Newsletter were given: June 13th for July issue, Sept 13th for Oct issue and Dec 13th for the Jan 2011 issue.

The next meeting will be on 27th May at Ilmington, 6.30pm start