Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The President's Crossword

Despite having only one of the intended two cataract ops completed, El Presidente has composed another crossword for your delectation. John has been given a date for the second op, so we all wish him well with that.


1  Name of eight Kings of England (6)
2  A small Australian parrakeet (6)
3  Between green and indigo in the spectrum (4)
4  Under Bredon Hill (6)
5  Period of history when the large reptiles
   were dominant (8)
6  Paying for the bells could be the first
   of his expenses (10)
7  Female acquaintances of most ringers (8)
8  Deadly poisons (8)
14 Artificial ringing machines (10)
16 Result of poor ringing in the opinion of
   the competition judge (8)
17 Describing someone who declines to follow
   accepted opinion (2.3-3)
18 A tenor-ringer's helper (8)
22 There are a hundred and fifty of them in
   the Old Testament (6)
23 A martial-art (6)
24 Describes most continental ringing changes (6)
27 "And Cain ----- Abel" (4)


9  Changes on five bells (7)
10 Unflattering name for King Ethelred (7)
11 Tug mane about to build up the number of bells (7)
12 Break up a mob den into the bread-basket (7)
13 Bandages? (9)
15 An association (5)
16 Changes on four bells (7)
19 Christian symbols (7)
20 Changes on ten bells (5)
21 eg Peter Minchin and others (9)
25 An example of modern publishing (7)
26 Did not come in the first three (4-3)
28 Successful conclusion to a discussion (2.5)
29 Said to be the master of his activity (7)

Answers by post to Il Presidente by May 1st 2010. Mark envelope 'FSG crossword'. Answers in the next Newsletter.

The first correct answer opened after this date wins the first prize of a night out with John at the pub. There is a second prize this time: two nights (but must be consecutive).


A posted answer was received by John, who writes: Well done to Isobel Murphy, who almost got the last crossword correct! Apparently Isobel had everything correct except two words. You will have to negotiate with Il Presidente about the prize, Isobel! Did anyone else get as far? Did anyone get it completely right?