photo of St Mary & St Michael's church
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Great Malvern, St Mary & St Michael

The Great Malvern Priory of St Mary & St Michael is situated on the South side of Church Street (B4211) in the main commercial area. There are a number of nearby car parks.

It is a long climb to the ringing room. You start inside the church with 59 steps of a wooden spiral staircase which is followed by another 44 stone steps. There is a huge clock mechanism in a glassed of area and two small high windows. The room is spacious with plenty of seating for those not ringing.

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The Bells

The tower has a ring of 8 bells with a tenor weighing 21-2-20 in E. Dove's Guide includes details of the bells at St Mary & St Michael and additional information is provided by the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association. No information on the bells history or inscriptions was to be found in the tower.

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