photo of the Elmley Castle Parish Church of St Mary
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Elmley Castle, St Mary

Elmley Castle Parish Church has a squat, solid looking tower. After climbing a short flight of stairs you reach the ringing room that is a large, spacious, red carpeted room with a glass wall looking over the main body of the church. It was a really nice place to ring and the bells were very easy to work with even though they were quite heavy (tenor is 17cwt).

I visited for the first time on Saturday 19th May 2007 as part of our 2007 tour.

The Bells

The tower has a ring of 6 bells with a tenor weighing ~17-0-0 in E. Dove's Guide includes details of the bells at St Mary.

BellNoteDiameter  Weight ?  Founder and Date
1  6-1-12 William Bagley, Chacombe -- 1700
2  6-2-20 Henry Farmer, Gloucester -- 1619
3  7-2-16 Worcester Foundry -- 1410
4  9-3-0 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1948
5  12-0-15 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1886
TenorE 17-0-0 Henry Farmer, Gloucester -- 1620

There is some additional information provided by Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association.

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