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Church Lench, All Saints

You can find Church Lench Parish Church on the northern side of Main Street. The ringing room is on the ground floor. There is not much room for anyone but those ringing but that isn't a particular problem given that the ringing room opens onto the main body of the church. The bells sound nice and ring quite easily.

I visited for the first time on Monday 14th May 2007. There were about a dozen ringers but they gave me the opportunity to ring lots of the bells. I rang call changes and Plain Hunt on 5 on all the bells except for the treble. I was made very welcome and when we had finished ringing I was invited to join them at the Lenches Club for "refreshment".

The Bells

The tower has a ring of 6 bells with a tenor weighing 13-3-26 in G. Dove's Guide includes details of the bells at All Saints.

BellNoteDiameter  Weight ?  Founder and Date
1 29½"5-3-21 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1870
2 31½"6-1-9 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1869
3 33½"7-1-26 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1869
4 35½"8-1-12 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1869
5 38¼"10-1-20 Henry Farmer, Gloucester -- 1600
TenorG42¼"13-3-26 John Taylor, Loughborough -- 1876

There is some additional information provided by Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association.

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