The name associated with a set, or ring, of bells depends on the number of bells. A ring of 4 bells is known as Minimus; 5, Doubles; 6, Minor; 7, Triples; 8, Major; 9, Caters; 10, Royal; 11, Cinques; and 12, Maximus.

If there was no way to change the order in which the bells strike then listening to bells would be monotonous and ringing them would be equally monotonous. There are two ways that I am aware of that are used to change the sequence.

The first one a learner is likely to encounter is "Call Changes" which changes the relative position of two bells with each "called change" on the next handstroke. The second approach is the use of "Methods". There is a large and growing number of methods and are more difficult to learn. A "Method" specifies a whole series of changes that are to be performed and the changes take place on each stroke, both handstroke and backstroke.

Call Changes