Travel Map


Travelling is a passion of mine. During my working life I have travelled frequently, but only to a limited number of countries. In recent years I have started travelling for pleasure to the kind of place that my business travel never took me to. The places that I can recall visiting I have marked on the adjacent map. I have often been asked which are my favourite cities, a difficult question to answer but … Istanbul (Turkey), Lisbon (Portugal), Vancouver (Canada) and Tokyo (Japan).

If you are interested in my more recent experiences then see the Travel pages.

Bell Ringing

Bell icon

Bell Ringing is a pastime that my family has been engaged in for generations and I suppose I had from childhood thought that I should get around to trying it one day. In 2004 I gave it a try and there turned out to be much more to it than I had anticipated. My interest gradually grew as my practical bell handling ability increased and an appreciation of how varied the techical aspects can become should one be interested.

I decided that I would attempt to describe the practicalities as I learn them and before I forget what it is like to get started. Perhaps my experiences will help other learners, to that end there is material devoted to the subject of Bell Ringing.


Blogger icon

Even though many of my professional colleagues have maintained a blog for years I never felt the need and was not sure that I was comfortable with the constraints of my employer's policy on blogging. However, I have changed my mind and have now started one. As I start I'm not sure what topics it will cover though it will contain my musings on subjects that interest me. You can take a look at those musings at Blogger.