Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Guild's Christmas Party, 13th December

Linda Dane once again tickling the ivories

The party was held on the last Saturday evening practice before Christmas with ringing at St Peter's, Wellesbourne, beforehand, from 7.00 until 8.00pm. Approximately 16 people, a few less than the last year, attended the party. However, all who attended had a good time.

The Christmas Party itself was held in St Peter's Church Centre. The setting up of the food was organised by Linda Dane while the ringers rang. People were very generous in what they brought and it made an excellent festive spread

Having eaten, we settled down to some carol singing, which were at members' request, and we accompanied by Linda Dane who played the piano. There followed a raffle with numerous prizes, all the proceeds from the raffle will help to the swell the Guild's Bell Restoration Fund.

The party finished at 10.30pm, when John Nicholls thanked everybody for attending. Special thanks were given to Linda Dane for playing the piano and to Peter Quinn for the organisation of the venue. It was again a very successful evening despite the low numbers attending this year

If the Devil were to cast his net…
Some of the others there.

Peter Quinn