Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Committee met on Tuesday 18th February at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Peter Quinn, Michael Haynes, Sophia Lewis-Skeath and Keith Murphy presented their apologies. The President, John Nicholls, asked Chris Povey to take the chair again.

  1. The Minutes of the December meeting were considered. Some amendments from Chris were agreed. Hon Sec to incorporate and have updated draft available for agreement at the next meeting.

  2. Matters arising were:-

    2014 Dinner, 1st Feb: a very good event; the food and Speaker were excellent. Good raffle;

    North Oxon towers letter: done and agreed;

    Guild artefacts database: Peter Q to complete his bit;

    Old Minute Book: deposit deferred due to disagreement with Steve Bowley over the terms. Chris to speak with Steve;

    Inter Shires Comp rules: Alan Marchbank (Oxon judge) has written up the rules that were used at Harvington (Newing Shield Rules up to then). Agreed that Alan's document be used in future;

    AGM's teas contribution bowl: this was overlooked and needs to be done in future;

    Peal books collation: Andrew has gone as far as he can with collating the data between the two books. Should be checked by John N, Chris and Mike Fairfax, plus Felstead data via Michael D;

    Newsletter production: Chris said he does not need to be part of the printing team in future. He need only send out a computer file of the finished product. The question of updating the printers was discussed. High tech printers capable of printing quickly are now available at very reasonable prices: one of these would be sufficient. Peter Q is investigating;

    Striking Comp certificates: still outstanding action on Peter Q and Sophia. Defer to next meeting, as neither at the meeting;

    Non Resident Life Membership: arising from the AGM. John said this had been discussed some years ago and was not proceeded with then. Varied opinions derived from a discussion now. Agreed that a proposal on this go to the May committee meeting.

  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-

    Hon Secretary: Andrew presented the CCCBR paper on ITTS for discussion: agreed to be left to the territorial societies. The Ringing Roadshow organisers asked whether the Guild wants a stand there: agreed not.

    Treasurer: Michael D presented his draft accounts to 31/12/13, which are now with the Guild's Examiners. He also reported a donation of £100 from the Rev Peter Newing. However, a change to the cheque is reqd before cashing. Chris to speak with Peter N.

    Membership Sec: 5 new members were proposed and seconded at the meeting;

    Newsletter Editor: good progress on the April edition. A front page subject is to be chosen from the list of practice venues April-June;

    CCCBR reports: there will be a discussion at the CC meeting about funding by affiliated groups. The Guild would appear to be advantaged by the new proposals, ie a reduced fee. There was general agreement to this and the Guild reps would be asked to vote in this way if the proposals are voted on.

    Bell Restoration Fund: no applications this time. Andrew reported that the Dumbleton grant had been paid. Michael D proposed, John seconded, that applications are considered the meeting after an application is presented at a meeting. Agreed.

  4. Items for discussion:-

    Chris Righton's offer to donate to a Ringing Centre like Kineton: this is a very nice idea and kind offer, but the cost of such will be very large. Will investigate whether the HWRC has, or can have, something akin to associate membership that would allow the Guild some advantage with this facility. Chris to contact Graham Nabb to investigate;

    Minimus Comp (13th Sept), Autumn Walk (27th Sept), AGM & Striking comps (18th Oct): organisers are required. Minimus likely to be at Newbold Pacey and AGM is likely to be at Whichford. The Christmas Party to be at Wellesbourne again. No Inter Shires this year, but will run in 2015. The Ringing Tour is being arranged by Richard L-S in probably the Faringdon area.

    Committee meeting dates: agreed as 20th May, 19th August and 25th November.

Next Meeting: Tues 20th May 2014, Ilmington. (NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)