Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Guild accounts to 31st December 2013


Income | Expenditure
2012General Fund2013Notes  |  2012General Fund2013Notes
£527.10Opening balance£484.391  |   
£945.00Subscriptions£820.002  |  £411.47Newsletters£206.293
£30.00G&B Donation    |  £272.24Insurance£284.95
£20.50Garments£64.00   |   Garments£77.90
£0.00Annual Dinner    |  21.00Annual Dinner£42.00
      |  £50.00CCCBR subscription£50.00
      |   Room Hire£42.00
      |   Website domain£7.08
£22.50Badges Donation£44.00   |  £306.00Badges & Shields£217.60
£210.00BBQ   |  £210.00BBQ 
£540.75Bell Fund Donations£421.70   |  £540.75Transferred to Bell Fund£421.70
£15.00Tour (donation to Tower)   |  £15.00Donation (Summer outing)
£1,783.75Total receipts£1,350.20   |  £1,826.46Total expenditure£1,349.52
    |  £484.39Closing balance£485.07
Restricted Funds - Bell Fund4  |   
£1,395.25Opening balance£1,387.101  |   
£200.00Mid-week tours£200.00   |  £350.00Wyck Rissington
£12.00Donations£3.00   |  £200.00Welford
£1.10Interest£0.95   |  Hinton-on-the-Green£100.00
£105.00Newsletter Advertising£105.00   |  St Michael, Cropthorne£60.00
£50.00HSBC Complaint   |   
£173.75Other (Raffles, outing, teas etc)£113.70   |   
£541.85Total receipts£422.65   |  £550.00Total expenditure£160.00
    |  £1,387.10Closing balance£1,649.75
Creditors at year end  |  Debtors at year end
£20.50Garments£0.00   |  None
Assets  |   
£306.00Badges & Shields£724.00   |   
£208.65Ink & Paper£81.66   |   
Other assets of the Guild include: Newing Shield, President's Chain, Brazier Trophy, Spencer Jones Cup, Minimus Striking Competition trophy, RM's Merit Award, Inter-Shire Championship trophy, peal books and documents. The Shield, Cup, Trophy and President's Chain have been valued professionally and are currently insured by the Guild for £4,153.


1 Opening balances:
The Guild operates 2 bank accounts, one for the General Fund and the other (which incurs interest) for the Bell Fund.

2 Subscriptions:
The total membership for 2013 was 174. This includes 5 Life members, 9 who paid in 2012 and 2 who have paid for 2014 as well. 5 new members were elected at the 2013 AGM, but as these had not paid subs in 2013 they are not included.

3 Newsletters:
Covers cost of printing Newsletters. £208.65 was carried from 2012 & £81.66 is carried into 2014 for unused inks and paper. The 2 printers purchased by the Guild were written off in 2013 at a cost of £91.25. The true printing cost of the FSG printing for 2013 was £424.53.

4 Bell Fund:
The Committee decided that all the profit from Teas, Raffles etc and Newsletter advertising income would go into the Bell Fund, together with any interest generated by the account. In December 2013 the committee approved grants to Dumbleton (£350) and Whichford (£150); to be paid in 2014.

Michael Dane, Hon Treasurer

Report by the Accounts Examiners:

Although there is some indication the Accounts Examiners (Michael Fairfax and Trevor Hobday) will be content with these accounts, their formal satisfaction has not been received at the time of publication on this Newsletter. A follow-up note in this respect will be published in the July Newsletter.