Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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El Presidente's Crossword

E Pres has managed yet another Crossword. His staying power is outstanding.


1	This chippy is no 'small potatoes'. (8,6)
10	There are others who make music on eight. (5)
11	Never mind the ringing blisters, this is even more
	painful on the hand. (9)
12	Union man Joseph Arch was born here. (7)
13	Enchantment when making those internal places? (7)
14	A musical Senora. (5)
16	Literally not keeping with the others. (3,2,4)
19	Athos? (9)
20	The muse of poetry. (5)
22	French department, capital Dijon. (4,1'2)
25	The side of the ladies. (7)
27	A friendly clue. (9)
28	Could be a camp but more often it is 'apres ringing'. (5)
29	Where would you find Titan, Iapetus and Tethys? (8,6)


2	This might do for continental ringing but not for us! (3,2,4)
3	Usually the site for the barbeque. (5)
4	Occurrence. (9)
5	We know it's an association of mutual interest. (5)
6	Having taken everything into consideration a bell is
	often this. (2,7)
7	A strong suggestion this is a local intonation. (5)
8	A property of a true peal. (7)
9 & 21dn  The method for Morse and Lewis? (6)
15	That puts it right! (9)
17	This often causes mistakes in ringing. (9)
18	21st October 1805. (9)
19	This made models before Lego. (7)
21	See 9 dn. (6)
23	Vibrate. (5)
24	A colourful, pugnacious little songbird. (5)
26	A divorce on the Croation coast? (5)

Answer to crossword in the January 2014 Newsletter


Here is the official answer (ie, the answer as supplied by EP).

Winchcombe Welford Hook Norton Upper Slaughter All dedicated to St Peter
Kingham Salford Priors Bretforton Mickleton All Ground Floor 8s
Childswickham Great Wolford Moreton-in-Marsh Tredington All have spires
Badsey Snitterfield Barford Hinton-on-the-Green All rung from balconies

However, EP does say, "I would be very interested to know if any other arrangements are viable." So, here…

Here is one sent in by Stella Southam:-

Barford Welford Hook Norton Hinton-on-the-Green All dedicated to St Peter
Winchcombe Mickleton Upper Slaughter Moreton-in-Marsh All in Glos
Childswickham Great Wolford Snitterfield Tredington 6-bell towers
Badsey Kingham Salford Priors Bretforton 8-bell towers

And one from me, but it's not as elegant; and while Welford has all Taylor bells, only the back 6 are a true 'complete ring':-

Salford Priors Welford Hook Norton Kingham All 'complete rings'
Winchcombe Mickleton Upper Slaughter Moreton-in-Marsh All in Glos
Childswickham Badsey Bretforton Hinton-on-the-Green All in Worcs
Welford Snitterfield Barford Bretforton Tredington

Any more?