Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Method of the Quarter


A question circulated in the background at the last Guild Saturday practice at Evesham, Do we have enough to ring Evesham Surprise Major?. We didn't, but there would have been sufficient to ring it if (a) some notice of the intention had been given beforehand in the Newsletter, and (b) a 'blue line' had been circulated with that notice. I find it a thrill to ring 'Home Methods' at their towers, so here goes with the first of these: Evesham Surprise Major. For those that ring Surprise Major, it's an easy one, because it's all 'right place'. The 5-6 places work at the half-lead needs a bit of care in remembering where you are in it, but it goes together tidily.

There are Evesham S Royal and Evesham S Maximus, too, which are pure extensions, but we may not be ringing those (but who knows…?). The Guild practice at Evesham is on Feb 15th.