Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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El Presidente's Crossword

The following appeared on an internet news feature dated 21 December 2013:

One hundred years ago the first proto-crossword appeared in the New York World newspaper. Since then there have been millions of chewed pens and scratched heads.

Some naughty people might be tempted to believe that El Presidente helped compile that first crossword, but I can advise it's just a myth!

El Presidente tells me he is alarmed at how easy his crosswords for this esteemed publication have become. So, to arrest this shocking trend, he is now not saying when an answer is an anagram of the clue…..!!  Clearly, you cruciverbalists need to up your game!


8	Niece of William IV, born in 1819. (8)
9	Mr C M Povey. (6) (Incorrect. Should be (9,6)   CMP)
10	City containing the Taj Mahal. (4)
11	A medieval journey possibly to the tomb of Saint Thomas
	A'Becket. (10)
12	Eg, Ranch singer could be the ambition for beginners of
	the Exercise. (6,7)
14	Even if witty, this no help to the learner. (7)
16	All of us, but not everyone is benevolent. (7)
19	Beware of being this. It may lead to mistakes. (4-9)
23	This would certainly lead to mistakes. (5,5)
24	This cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine sounds
	offensive. (4)
25	A mountain range. (6)
26	A perfectionist. (8)


1	Often the meeting place after ringing! (5,4)
2	Traditionally, The best time to hear the chorus. (2,4)
3	Eligah, Elisha and Isaiah etc. (8)
4	Emotive name for some newspapers. (7)
5	High-risk activity showing this to a bull. (3,3)
6	German battleship chased and sunk in WW2. (8)
7	Two bells swap positions. (5)
13	Continental random clashing is definitely this. (2-7)
15	Its famous Cathedral, designed by Sir Basil Spence, was consecrated in 1962. (8)
17	Describes bells changed by a call. (8)
18	Central to the ringing community. (7)
20	Do it again. (6)
21	Describes a method that is rotationally symmetric. (6)
22	Describes a method where the treble hunts without dodging. (5)

Answer to crossword in the October 2013 Newsletter


This one clearly demonstrates the breadth of El Presidente's puzzle setting ability and some might say the depth of his fiendish mind. The Rules are as EP has given below. I do not know the solution, because EP didn't give me the answer! Hopefully he will provide the answer for the next Newsletter.

Re-arrange the churches so that each ROW (horizontal) has a common theme.