Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Sorry folks, you've only got the normal 14 pages this time! I wanted to get the Newsletter out as soon after the end of September as possible, so that updates to the AGM could be published in sufficient time for members to see them. I hope as many members as possible come to the AGM on 12th October (at Offenham, a pretty little village, where the bells are maintained to a high standard). Have you any words of congratulation to pass on to the Committee? If so, please come and express them – the Committee members will be pleased to hear them. Have you any criticism of the way things are done? If so, then please come to the AGM to express these, too. The Committee won't bite - and will listen! Please, please don't gripe to others about whatever it is that bugs you. If you let the Committee know, things could change. Grumbling about things on the quiet is unlikely to change anything. Oh yes, and if you want a free tea, because I expect the food table will creak under the load, this is another good reason to come to the AGM!

Christina Ireland's account of the Guild Ringing Tour was a delight to read, as it tells what it is like to attend such an event from the inexperienced side of ringing — and of the 'human' side, too; an aspect in which ladies seem to be way ahead of mere males. Helen does mention this to me regularly…. Thank you, Christina. I hope your humorous and insightful style of writing will grace these pages again.

Sharp-eyed readers of the quarter peal details will notice that Peter and Veronica Quinn have become grandparents again, with the birth of Helena Alice Quinn, born on 23rd September. Congratulations to all.

Lastly, the Government has altered the scheme that allows Listed Places of Worship to reclaim VAT on certain aspects of maintenance work undertaken to such places (which to all intents and purposes includes all the churches at which we ring). Many aspects of bells, bellropes and bellframes are now included again. PCCs should be aware that the new inclusions came into being on the 1st October, but if they don't, let them know.

Chris Povey, (Caretaker) Editor

(The views expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Four Shires Guild or its Committee. The Guild endorses no products or manufacturers advertised within the Newsletter — but would not allow such advertisements where the goods or services are knowingly questionable.)