Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 3rd September

The Committee met on Tuesday 3rd September at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Sophia Lewis-Skeath, presented their apologies.

  1. The Minutes of the June meeting were agreed.
  2. Matters arising were:-
    The Guild Annual Dinner details were confirmed: 1st Feb 2014 at the White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh;
    Striking Comp Winners' Shields: Andrew has paid for the required engraving and has been reimbursed this cost by the Treasurer;
    Still no letter sent yet to the Oxfordshire towers who charge for ringing at them;
    Guild artefacts database: Peter Q's input required;
    Old Minute Book: apply to Gloucester Archives asap to determine their response. Do not include the later Guild docs at this stage. If Gloucester negative, try the other County Archives;
    Guild EIG Insurance: this has not been as straightforward as expected. Agreed to approach NFU insurance: via Mike Fairfax?
    Guild Walk on 28th Sept: Michael H is all set up for this;
    Minimus Comp, 14th Sept, Wyck Rissington: judge organised. Comp 6.00-7.00pm and then short ring afterwards, say 15-20mins;
    Inter-Shires Comp: John still to pursue Harvington (now booked; see Notices);
    Offenham AGM arrangements: Sophia L-S to obtain judge(s); everything else booked and ready to go.
  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-
    Hon Sec: Andrew said the CC had asked whether the Guild has a PR Officer. We don't; and are happy to leave such duties to the territorial societies. There is to be another Ringing Roadshow next year at Newbury. Do we want to have a stand at it? It was agreed not to have one;
    Treasurer: Michael D had submitted a written report beforehand. All happy with it;
    Ringing Master: all OK. Evening meetings seem to be running well;
    Fixture Sec: Stuart is steadily compiling the list for the next Newsletter. Chris said he would pass on details of contacts for Cropthorne, Broadway and Stanton;
    Newsletter Editor: Chris said the Oct issue is behind schedule again(!) but it will be on schedule for the agreed date for printing. Chris had earlier tabled a note about the Newsletter, which said he must have assistance on this, otherwise he will have to give up as Editor completely. The Committee suggested that there is sufficient information in the note to allow members to consider the contents carefully, and it was proposed and agreed that Newsletter production be on the agenda as a discussion item at the next meeting;
    Website: it was reported that Roland has returned from his holiday and it updating this site as required;
    Mid-week (Vice-President's) Tours co-ordinator: it was reported that £100 has been transferred from the operating expenses to the Guild account;
    CCCBR reps report: Keith reported that the CC President's blog is now on-line and that it might be a good idea to draw members' attention to it in the Newsletter;
    Bell Restoration Fund: Cropthorne's grant money has now been paid. There are two projects on the skyline that might submit an application; these are Whichford (pulley refurbishment and ropes) and a possible augmentation;
    Peal Sec: to assist, it was agreed that a chronological list of peals should be compiled in a spreadsheet, so they can be checked for accuracy before being passed to the Peal Sec for writing up as required. Andrew has started this and will complete.
  4. Items for discussion:-
    Framed tea towel: as reported last time, it is of the Cov DG area. Should it be offered to them? Yes: determine their reaction;
    Guild web access codes: should we have a copy of the website access codes for when Roland is away? Agreed as no, because all members receive a Newsletter, whether hardcopy or via email, so no member is left without knowing what the details of the Guild's activities artefacts at any time.
  5. Any Other Business:-
    Life Members: it was agreed to report at the AGM that, on further investigation, Viv Barnes of Hinton-on-the-Green is an Honorary Life Member of the Guild, and that this needs ratifying. Chris Povey passed on a suggestion from a Guild member that all the Founder Members of the reformed Guild (ie those who attended the initial meeting at the Church Rooms, Chipping Campden, on the 30th March 1973: there are just 6 survivors) be accorded Honorary Life Membership. As one of these he said he would take no part in any discussion on this. John Nicholls, another survivor, said the same. The remainder of the Committee discussed this. It was proposed, seconded and agreed that the Committee propose this at the AGM. It was also agreed that Mrs Phyllis Brazier, Vice-President, be proposed a Hon Life Member at the AGM.

Next Meeting: 3rd December 2013, at Ilmington.

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)