Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Mickleton Ringing Records for 2012

Despite the fact that we have only three resident ringers, we again excelled with our ringing (compared to most local towers in the area, and indeed countrywide possibly) insomuch that the bells of St Lawrence Church rang out on 59 occasions during the year.

I keep detailed records of when ringing occurs and for what purpose, and the breakdown is as below:-

Sunday morning Services21
Tower practices13
Quarter peals6
Patronal Festival1
G&B North Cotswolds Branch practices4
Four Shires Guild practices1
Jubilee celebrations2
Kinchin family reunion1
Visiting ringers tours4
Full Peal1
Outdoor Carol Service1

As can be seen, the highest proportion of ringing was for calling worshippers to church on Sunday mornings - and rightly so!

Previous yearly totals are: 2011, 50 occasions; 2010, 41 ditto; 2009, 54; 2008, 55; 2007, 52; 2006, 53; 2005, 56.

Our thanks must be given to ringers from Ebrington, Quinton, Ilmington and more recently Stratford-on-Avon, who regularly help us out.

John Kinchin