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Most people, at some time in their life, have an ambition to succeed – perhaps to become a leading politician (Heaven forbid!), dare I suggest a bishop, a gold medal winning Olympian, the boss of a business conglomerate….. The list is endless.

There are those in life who look to succeed in lesser activities, nevertheless of great importance to them as an individual, or in team participation – objectives that maybe appear to the masses as absolute non-starters! Think back: as a child I'm sure you wanted to learn to ride a bicycle, to tie your own shoe laces (in my day to pass the eleven plus), learn to drive a motor car and own one, to purchase your own home and later in life to have children and grandchildren to love and adore.

And there are those, too, who have varying hobbies, setting themselves the highest of standards. Gaining an award(s) in the local gardening show is just a simple example.

Campanologists, too, have ambitions that vary considerably. There are those wishing to ring at 100, 150, etc, different towers, and those fanatical ringers who aim to ring 50, 100, etc, full peals in varying methods. And there are those who wish to attain objectives on a local basis.

Very recently Mike Fairfax succeeded in perhaps what no other Mickleton ringer has ever attempted – or probably even thought of doing.

Mike started his ringing career at St Lawrence, Mickleton, in 1954, when the bells were rehung. He became Tower Captain, taking over from his tutor, Fred Roger Kinchin, and held the position for 28 years. During that time Mike had rung a succession of peals in his home tower, but wished to ring all eight bells to peals of Grandsire Triples. By the beginning of this year he needed one more; he had never pealed the 7th bell. A peal attempt for September 29th was therefore organised.

A tester in the form of a quarter peal was organised, and, with Mike ringing the 7th, this was duly rung on 17th September without problem. (See October Newsletter, Ed)

It is good to report that Mike achieved his ambition, as the peal attempt was successful. Well done Mike and the other seven ringers, for one of whom, Sara Woodgate, it was her first peal (Congratulations. Ed). Your après peal refreshments in The Kings Head were well earned.

John Kinchin

The details of the peal are:-


Mickleton, Gloucestershire
Church of St Lawrence
Saturday 29 September 2012
in 2hours 49mins (tenor: 15-3-16 in F)

5040 Grandsire Triples
Groves' variation of J J Parker's 12-part

1 Sara Woodgate
2 Peter J F Quinn
3 William J Sabin
4 Richard Lewis-Skeath
5 Christopher F Mew (C)
6 Jaqueline A Hands
7 Michael F Fairfax
8 Christopher M Povey

Compliment to Michael and Glenys Fairfax on their 39th wedding anniversary today.

Circled the tower to peals of Grandsire Triples: 7

First peal: 1