Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Around the Towers

Peals, Quarter Peals and other special ringing:-


Todenham, Glos, 2nd June, 180 PB Minor: Stuart Cummings 1, Isobel Murphy (C) 2, Chris Righton 3, Jane Gilbert 4, Michael Cummings 5, Keith Murphy 6. Also for Todenham Flower Festival.

Todenham, Glos, 2nd June, 120 Call changes to Queen's: Isobel Murphy (C) 1, Daphne Hersey*/Keith Murphy 2, Chris Righton 3, Stuart Cummings 4, Jane Gilbert 5, Michael Cummings 6. *First public performance since learning to handle a bell.

Todenham, Glos, 2nd June, 120 Call changes to Queen's: Jane Gilbert 1, John Wood*/Keith Murphy 2, Chris Righton 3, Stuart Cummings 4, Isobel Murphy (C) 5, Michael Cummings 6. *First public performance since learning to handle a bell.

Welford-on-Avon, Warks, 3rd June, 60 changes plain hunt, 60 changes Queens & back and 60 changes Welford Bob Doubles (thanks to CP for named methods p.10 Newsletter No.132). Ringers: Freda Cleaver (C), Rosemary Cole, Ewart Harper, Edward Timmins and Sandra & Richard Parker.

Long Compton, Warks, 3rd June, general ringing.

Badsey, Worcs, 3rd June, Call Changes were rung by the usual band, including the beginners, for the service of 'Thanks Giving' A card was placed inviting everyone to sign. All the ringers taking part as well as the choir were recorded for the occasion. A lovely reply was received from the Palace, thanking everyone for taking part.


BIDFORD-ON-AVON, Warwickshire
Church of St Laurence
Saturday 14 July 2012 in 2hours 47mins (tenor: 14-0-24 in F)

5040 Grandsire Doubles

1 Claire Penny
2 Matthew Kemble
3 Paul R Smith
4 Sam Precious
5 Martin B Penny (C)
6 Sandra B Parker

Rung for the Diamond Jubilee. First Peal: 4

Back row L-R: Sam Precious, Martin Penny, Matthew Kemble Front row L-R: Sandra Parker, Claire Penny, Paul Smith


Evesham, Worcs, 1st July, general ringing on the back 8 while the Olympic torch came through the town. Ringers taking part: Chris Povey, Matthew Kemble, Merry Privett, Martin and Claire Penny, John Booth, Barrie Wheeler, Peter Forder and Robert Hall. (It was reported it was hardly heard above the general razzmatazz!)

Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, 27th July, 3mins rise and rounds between 8.12 and 8.15am. Richard Lewis-Skeath 1, Isobel Murphy 2, Benjamin Lewis-Skeath 3, George Riseborough 4, Caroline Murphy 5, Rob Stansbury 6.

Evesham, Worcs, 27th July, rise half-way, hold and fall on the light 6 over 3 minutes to 'ring quickly'. Chris Povey, Peter Forder, Tom Sandham, Merry Privett, John Booth, Barrie Wheeler.

Welford-on-Avon, Warks, 27th July, treble bob hunt on 4 bells with tenor behind = 5 rings, plain hunt on 5 and lowered the bells = 'ring as fast & loud as possible' & final catch in rounds = 5 rings. Ringers: all seven regular Sunday service ringers arrived at 8am and all took part. We joined Welford cub scouts on the Maypole Green for bacon butties. We supplied gingerbread bells tied with olympic coloured rings. A good, lively, enjoyable start to the day.

Badsey, Worcs, 27th July, our beginners rang some very creditable call changes, which were very much enjoyed.

Long Compton, Warks, 27th July, chimed the bells at 8.13am, plus 5-year old Mia chimed the sanctus bell assisted by Elaine Hobday, as photo below:

Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, 9th July, 1280 Spliced S Major (Lincs, Yorks, Cambridge): Chris Mew (C) 1, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 2, Alan Hartley 3, Peter Quinn 4, Robert Reeves 5, John Nicholls 6, Richard Lewis-Skeath 7, Mark Sayers 8.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 16th July, 1280 Yorkshire S Major: Chris Mew 1, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 2, Sue Bacon 3, Sophia Lewis-Skeath 4, Alan Hartley 5, Lucy Gwynne 6, John Nicholls 7, Robert Reeves 8. Rung as an 80th birthday compliment to David Towers, father of 3. First touch of Yorkshire - 3

Badsey, Worcs, 25th July, the annual peal could not take place for the Flower Show due to a lack of ringers, so, after hasty recruitment, 30 minutes of call changes were rung by the Sunday Service band.

Harvington, Worcs, 31st Aug, 1260 St Simon's Doubles: Andrew Gunn 1, Claire Penny (C) 2, Matthew Kemble 3, Tom Sandham 4, Martin Penny 5, Roland Merrick 6. 1st in method: 4

Mickleton, Glos, 17th Sept, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Sophia Lewis-Skeath 1, Richard Lewis-Skeath 2, Alan Hartley 3, Chris Mew (C) 4, Jackie Hands 5, John Nicholls 6, Mike Fairfax 7, Robert Reeves 8.

(Please let me have details of quarters. I cannot guarantee to see them on Campanophile, Bellboard, or wherever. I do some, but probably not all. Ed)

Tower News

Evesham, The Bell Tower: : I'm pleased to report ringing has restarted. The Church Surveyor used a 'cherry picker' to access the outside of the tower, to inspect the external fabric and to remove any loose bits of masonry.

Wyck Rissington: the bells are due back from Whites of Appleton very soon. The Guild has been asked if some able-bodied volunteers could assist with the installation, and this is likely.