Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 28th February

The Committee met on Tuesday 28th February at the Hon Sec's home in Ilmington. Peter Kenealy and Jackie Hands gave their apologies.

  1. The Minutes of the September meeting were agreed with only one very minor amendment.
  2. Matters arising were:-
    Peter Q had made no progress with locating the missing post-'74 Minute books;
    Andrew reported on his investigations with having more Guild badges made. Tower Trophies from near Evesham offer a better deal economically, but this will depend on a good enough quality sample being made. This is the case with the Striking Competition Winners shields, too. Andrew wondered whether there would be any interest in having some of the badges used by the Old Guild (See article, Newsletter 124 — Ed). It was agreed that an idea of price be investigated;
    It was decided to decline the kind offer of 12 handbells, as the refurbishment would cost the Guild at least £1000. Their use is likely to be small, and therefore the cost is unjustifiable at this time;
    The Guild Summer BBQ was discussed. This has been booked for Saturday June 9th, but some final details are still to be worked out before the notice appears in the April Newsletter.
  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-
    Guild Master: Peter Q gave a report of the 2012 Guild Dinner, which was hampered by snow (see article — Ed);
    Treasurer: Michael D said he had completed the 2011 accounts as far as he was able and that the figures are at present with Mike Fairfax, Accounts Examiner, for his attention;
    Ringing Master: reported that designating others to run practices is working well;
    Child protection: no changes required yet;
    Membership Sec: 143 paid so far (pp PeterK);
    Fixture Sec: Stuart said he was on track to have all the Saturday practice venues in time for publishing in the Newsletter. He reported that Blockley had been substituted for Snitterfield on April 28th, as the very first Guild meeting took place there on that date in 1910 and the anniversary was thought to be worth marking. (See front page — Ed)
    Health & Safety: Chris reported that he had reviewed the Guild policy and saw no need for change. He will annotate the document accordingly. This was agreed;
    Newsletter Editor: the April issue was coming together and the printing date was agreed as Tuesday 3rd April. He said he was concerned that the costs found to be attributable in 2011 to the Newsletter skewed the real cost of printing the four issues during that period. The skewing had occurred for two reasons: the purchase of two printers to undertake the work, which was a 'capital' cost and designed to be paid off over 8 print runs; and that some 2010 costs had rolled into 2011. It was essential to distinguish what costs were relevant to the cost of producing the 2011 Newsletters. It was good practice to know what the operating costs were anyway. There was some difference between the results of a 'materials consumption' exercise in January and what the accounts figures indicated. He reminded the committee that he is only responsible for writing the Newsletter. The costs and method of production are the Committee's responsibility. It was left that he and Michael D will liaise on reconciling these figures to obtain a representative cost;
    Mid-week (Vice-President's) Tours co-ordinator: tours continuing successfully;
    CCCBR reps: Keith reported that he is building on the initiative of the Wellesbourne Conference by advertising for people who wish to learn to ring. He has started teaching at Todenham and possibly Moreton;
    Bell Restoration Fund: no applications at this time. Keith asked whether Wyck Rissington could apply, as they were intending to rehang the bells there. It was agreed that they could, as the village is within the 'area of operation';
  4. Items for discussion:-
    Future events 2012: Minimus Comp to be at Ettington if poss; Walking tour to be either last Sat in Sept or 1st Sat in Oct; AGM/Striking comp, some progress made with the NT at Chastleton, but need to approach the church (Stuart agreed to do this); John agreed to organise another Inter Shires Comp. These details would appear in the Newsletter's 'Tag-End';
    New Rule Book: Chris hadn't progressed;
    Andrew reported the Merit Award had been found;
    Donations to towers: Stuart reported that more towers are requesting donations for the Saturday practices and it's getting more difficult to obtain towers without this. It has not been the Guild's policy to donate, as the practices are meant to help the local ringers. Chris suggested that such towers should be made aware of the Guild BRF, as this might be considered a reasonable alternative for donations to towers that needed money for maintenance costs.
  5. Any Other Business:-
    Ringing for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics was mentioned. Chris said there would be details in the April Newsletter. (see article — Ed)
  6. Next Meeting: 19th June, Ilmington.

    (NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)