Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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One Tower's Ringing Statistics

John Kinchin wondered whether tower captains keep records of the number of times their bells are rung during the year. He keeps records of Mickleton's use and thought readers might firstly be interested in seeing the amount of use in 2011; and secondly whether it might encourage others to keep records in this way. It is certainly an indication of the 'health' of a tower and of the band there. Here are St Lawrence, Mickleton's statistics:-

Comparable stats for
previous years are:-
Sunday am Services19
Glos & Bristol NorthCots Branch practices 6
Tower practices7
Warwick & District ringers quarters peals7
Four Shires Guild practice1
Visiting ringing bands4
Outdoor Carol Service1
Christmas morning1

(Mickleton's bells get used on average about once a week, which has been the norm for the last few years except for 2010, when there was a slight dip. It is fair to mention that Mickleton and Ilmington ringers collaborate, and therefore some of the ringing by the combined band occurs at Ilmington. On this basis is probably reasonable to assume that Mickleton's ringers have taken part in something approaching twice the number of local ringing events indicated above, which amounts to roughly 30 extra. A healthy band! Are there similar statistics from elsewhere? Ed)