Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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FSG Committee Meeting, 1st September

The Committee met on 1st September at Ilmington. Matters discussed were:-

  1. The Minutes of the June meeting were agreed with minor amendments.
  2. Matters arising were:-
    Intershires Striking Comp - set for 19th November at Cherington;
    missing (post 1974) Minute Books - Peter Q agreed to delve further and harder into the possible places they may be;
    Guild artefacts - some progress on this, with Committee members agreeing to divide up the list of towers and then inspecting each of them;
    Christmas Party - although a 'proper' Christmas Party was deferred for this year at the last Committee meeting, an informal 'get-together' after one of the Saturday practices in December was thought to be a better way of marking the oncoming Festive Season. This was suggested as being after the practice at Chipping Campden on December 17th (see Notices);
    Guild badges: requests for these being received; need to check on stock and re-order if more required;
  3. Reports: the following are highlights:-
    Treasurer: report re finances;
    H&S: see the item in the Newsletter about a broken arm (article);
    Newsletter Editor: October issue underway and 12 sides expected this time;
    Mid-week (Vice-President's) Tours co-ordinator: £140 collected in the last 3 months, which will go into the Guild Bell Restoration Fund; thanks expressed to Isobel and the Mid-week ringers;
    CCCBR reps: there is to be a conference organised by the CCCBR on 'Change Ringing for the Future' and it will be held at Wellesbourne on November 12th; Guild members are invited to attend (see Notice).
    Bell Restoration Fund: no more applications at this time; and Chris updated on the Temple Guiting augmentation project (see Tower News).
  4. Items for discussion:-
    Striking Competition: Bill's proposals from the last meeting were discussed. There was support for offering additional trophies or awards for individual parts of the competition, eg best rise, best fall, etc, as this would offer greater opportunities for bands to win something. Bill said he was unhappy with the almost-unanimous vote governing unintended false touches (published in Notices in the July Newsletter) and thought this should be retracted;
    AGM arrangements: all ready for the 15th October at Barford. Offers of food, etc, for the tea will be welcome.
  5. Any Other Business:-
    Andrew Gunn said there was an initiative to have as many church bells as possible rung at 8.00am on the Opening Day of the 2012 Olympics (July 27th), but more on this will transpire soon;
    Chris suggested there should be better liaison between the Guild and the North Cotswold Branch of the G&B to avoid clashes of events, such as the two ringing tours on the same day. This was agreed. Chris said he sent a July Newsletter to the Branch Chairman (Jeremy Meyrick);
    Minimus Comp on September 10th: a Committee team was required. Five members volunteered.
    Chris put forward a person for ex-Territorial membership: Peter Bennett of Newport, who is an ex-pat of the area. John Nicholls seconded. Agreed.
    Guild Annual Dinner: agreed to go to the White Hart, Moreton again (see Notice).
  6. Next Meeting: 1st December, Ilmington.

    (NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)