Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Notice of 2010 Annual General Meeting
and Striking Competitions,
Broadwell, Glos, 16th October 2010


Income | Expenditure
2008 2009  |  2008  2009 
£310.00subs+donations£432.50  |  £342.00 Newsletters (3 issues)£315.00
£48.50interest£9.34  |  £0.00 Insurance£105.00
 donation£100.00  |  £54.54 Expenses£79.86
 badge£2.50  |    Moreton Show£245.23
 garments£458.50  |    BBQ£62.82
 BBQ,beer,tour etc£244.04  |    garments£437.68
 £200.00Mid-week tours  0.00  |  £120.00 Annual Dinner  
£558.45total receipts£1246.88  |  £100.00(2009)Dinner deposit£100.00(2010)
£2673.61opening balance£2615.52  |    Hampton PCC£16.00 
£3232.06 £3862.40  |    donation Dawson Mini-ring£75.00 
   |  £616.54 total payments£1436.59 
   |  £2615.52 closing balance£2425.81 
   |  £3232.06  £3862.40 
Assets  |   
£2542.71Bank£2413.00  |  Liabilities
£73.81Cash£14.52  |  £1425.25 Mid-week tours£1425.25
£30.00Badges£27.50  |  £1221.27 surplus£1029.77
£2646.52 £2455.02  |  £2646.52  £2455.02

Other assets: Newing Shield, President's Chain, Brazier Trophy, Spencer Jones Cup, peal books & documents. The Shield, Cup, Trophy and President's Chain have been valued professionally and are currently insured by the Guild for £3650.

Mike Rees, Hon Treasurer


2.15pmBrazier Cup Striking Competition
3.00pmNewing Shield Striking Competition
4.45pmService in St Paul's Church
5.30pmAnnual General Meeting in Broadwell Village Hall (Chairman: the Guild Master)
 Evening ringing: nothing arranged at this stage. See web-site for updates nearer time.

The AGENDA for the AGM is:-

  1. Apologies.
  2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting (published in the January 2010 Newsletter, no 123; pp.4 & 5*)
  3. Matters Arising.
  4. President's Report.
  5. Guild Master's Report.
  6. Treasurer's Report.
  7. Election of President.
  8. Election of Vice Presidents.
  9. Election of Officers (Guild Master, Ringing Master, General Secretary, Treasurer).
  10. Election of Committee and Honorary Auditor.
  11. Election of two Central Council representatives to serve for 3 years
  12. Confirmation of new members
  13. Proposal to form a bell fund to offer grants for work to bells within the FSG area of operation (see proposal: p.12)
  14. Any Other Business (at the Chairman's discretion)
  15. Results of the Striking Competitions.

Andrew Gunn, General Secretary

Light refreshments will be available from 2.00pm and will be served in the Village Hall. Donations of light refreshments, or donations towards these, would be welcomed. Toilets are available at the Village Hall.

Teams intending to take part in the Striking Competitions should contact the Ringing Master (Steve Bowley) about their entry.