Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Every year the Guild Rules require that members are elected to the posts of Guild Master, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary and Ringing Master (the Guild Officer posts). In addition, six members are elected to serve on the Committee. There are no elections this year for President, Vice-Presidents and Central Council representatives

There are no proposal slips this time, because nobody seemed to use them.

Firstly, please consider standing for these posts.

Secondly, if not you, please propose candidates.

Please contribute something, however small (or large). You would be surprised the things people enjoy reading about.. They will all be welcome…. and don’t worry if you think your handwriting is unintelligible. It can normally be translated. Just send the stuff in!

(Caretaker) Newsletter Editor: Chris Povey

It helps me hugely if you send articles to me by email, so I can cut-and-paste. If sending articles in this way, please use MS Word format for written articles, jpg format for photos, and scanned items in pdf or jpg formats. (I have the facility to scan photo prints if you haven't.) Please let me know ownership of photos for acknowledgement where relevant. If you have a long article, you might consider breaking it into parts.

Events for 2015: book the dates:-

Guild Walking Tour26th September. Organiser is Michael Haynes.
Guild AGM & Striking Comps   17th October; Pebworth, Worcs. Details to be confirmed.
Inter Shire Comp21st November. Organiser 'El Pres'. Details tba
(Note: no Minimus Comp this year, as this and the Inter Shire Comp now alternate.)
Guild Christmas Party12th December, venue to be announced (probably Badsey)