Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Around the Towers

Peals, Quarter Peals and other special ringing:-

Once again, there's a bumper crop of quarter peals and a peal — congratulations to all who scored and huge congratulations to Stefanie on ringing her first peal. Richard L-S's 'S@S' quarters are having a big impact. Good to see Pebworth and Shipston returning to these columns

Willersey, Glos, 7th March, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles. 1 Doug Bott, 2 Mark Newbury, 3 Robert Hall, 4 Robert Chadburn (c), 5 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 6 Robert Topp. In memory Philip Keatley.

Willersey, Glos, 21st March, 1260 Grandsire Doubles: 1 Doug Bott, 2 Jenny Chadburn, 3 Mark Newbury, 4 Robert Hall, 5 Robert Chadburn (C), 6 Stefanie Whittle. 80th Birthday compliment to Doug Bott.

Freeland, Oxon, 10 April 1320 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles: 1 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C), 2 Neil Ephgrave, 3 Anthony Williamson, 4 Melanie McGregor, 5 Michael Probert, 6 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke. Rung in memory of Rosemary Elizabeth Hunter 28/4/1934 - 5/3/2015, mother of 4.

Pebworth, Worcs, 11 April, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: 1 Martin Penny, 2 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 3 Claire Penny, 4 Matthew Kemble, 5 Michael Haynes, 6 Roger Hunt (C). In memory of cricket legend Richie Benaud. Rung on the front 6 to mark the 20th anniversary of the augmentation to 8. An S@S Q.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 18 April, 1344 Plain Bob Major: 1 Michael Dane, Sue Bacon, 3 Roger Hunt, 4 John Carroll, 5 Len Morley, 6 Michael Haynes, 7 Steve Bowley, 8 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C). A birthday compliment to Steve for tomorrow. The first S@S Q on 8.

Willersey, Glos, 25 April, 1440 April Day Doubles: 1 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C), 2 Georgie Roberts, 3 Michael Haynes, 4 Roger Hunt, 5 Steve Bowley, 6 Stef Whittle. Rung for St. George.

Snitterfield, Warks, 25 April, 1260 Mixed Doubles (300 Stedman, 480 Grandsire, 480 Plain Bob): 1 Michael Haynes, 2 Jeanette Davey, 3 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 4 Steve Bowley, 5 Roger Hunt (C), 6 Matthew Kemble. Rung in memory of David Grimson, cousin of 3, who died on Wednesday..

Offenham, Worcs, 2 May, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: 1 Matthew Kemble, 2 Steve Bowley, 3 Andrew Roberts, 4 Claire Penny, 5 Michael Haynes, 6 Roger Hunt (C). A Good Luck compliment to the conductor's youngest son Gareth and Katie Train following their marriage on April 30th at Bretforton (in this benefice) and to The Rev'd Richard Court, vicar of the benefice, Rural Dean of Evesham and motorcycle enthusiast who officiated and retired on the same day. Also a welcome to a Royal Princess, born today.

Offenham, Worcs, 4 May, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: 1 Freda Cleaver, 2 Martin Penny, 3 Roland Merrick, 4 Georgie Roberts, 5 Claire Penny, 6 Matthew Kemble (C). First Q of Minor 4; first Q of Minor as conductor 6. In Memory of Steve Beck (1957-2015) former York City Chairman

Bredons Norton, Worcs, 9 May, 180 Grandsire Doubles: 1 Roger Hunt, 2 Martin Penny, 3 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C), Claire Penny, 5 Andrew Roberts, 6 Steve Bowley. For the 70th anniversary of VE Day. Remembering also at this time Bernard Hunt, a former ringer and father of Roger, liberated 24 April 1945 (aged 23 years) from Stalag IVD POW Camp in Germany (having been captured 15 June 1942 at Gazala in Libya while on operational duties with an RAF Advanced Ground Reconnaissance Unit). Rung following an S@S Q attempt lost after 40 mins.

North Leigh, Oxon, 9 May, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: 1 Judy Kirby, 2 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke, 3 Neil R Ephgrave, 4 Michael Probert, 5 Michael Haynes, 6 Hugh Deam (C). Rung to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE day, when peace replaced war in Europe.

North Leigh, Oxon, 9 May, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: 1 Judy Kirby, 2 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke, 3 Neil R Ephgrave, 4 Michael Probert, 5 Michael Haynes, 6 Hugh Deam (C). Rung to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE day, when peace replaced war in Europe.

Shipston-on-Stour, Warks, 19 May, 1260 Mixed Doubles (480 Grandsire, 780 Plain Bob). 1 Gerald Philips, 2 Isobel Murphy, 3 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C), Nick Allsopp, 5 Keith Murphy, 6 Len Morley. Rung for the Archdeacon's visitation service. 1st Q: 1.


Willersey, Gloucestershire
Church of St Peter
Saturday, 23rd May 2015
in 2hours 47mins (tenor: 12cwt)

5040 Doubles
(1200 Grandsire, 1200 St Simon's, 1200 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure, 1440 Plain Bob)

1 Martin B Penny
2 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C)
3 Roger Hunt
4 Michael A Haynes
5 Nicholas K Allsopp
6 Stefanie Whittle

First peal for Stef and rung at her home tower.

First peal as conductor

Remembering the Halling family, former residents of 8 Church Street, Willersey (1924 - 1966), especially Phyllis (Roger's aunt) who passed away 18th May 2015 aged 87 and Florence (Roger's mother) who would have been 89 on the 26th May.

The band, L-R: Michael Haynes, Richard L-S, Stefanie, Martin Penny, Nick Allsopp, Roger Hunt. (Photo Roger Hunt)

(Five big blokes and they put the little lady on the biggest bell… Ed)

Badsey, Worcs, 23 May, 1296 Plain Bob Minor. 1 Jane Gilbert, 2 Andrew Roberts, 3 Roger Hunt, 4 Michael Haynes, 5 Nick Allsopp, 6 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C). Remembering the sad loss of lives in the Quintinshill Rail Disaster on the 22nd May 1915.An S@S Q.

Offenham, Worcs, 26 May, 1272 Plain Bob Minimus: 1 Bob Topp, 2 Judy Wallington, 3 Claire Penny, 4 Matthew Kemble (C), 5 Claire Allen. First quarter 5, first quarter of Minimus 1, 2

Cleeve Prior, Worcs,29 May, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles: 1 Claire Penny, 2 Rod Carless, 3 Matthew Kemble, 4 Martin Penny, 5 Georgie Roberts (C), 6 Chris Povey. First Q as conductor 5

Pebworth, Worcs, 31 May, 1260 Grandsire Triples: 1 Freda Cleaver, 2 Claire Penny, 3 Georgie Roberts, 4 Martin Penny, 5 Matthew Kemble, 6 Chris Povey, 7 Richard Lewis-Skeath (C), 8 Sandra Parker. In memory of Sir Terry Pratchett (The End - 12 March 2015). Rung by the Lords & Ladies of Pebworth, Evesham, Bidford-on-Avon, Welford-on-Avon, Offenham & Moreton-in-Marsh plus Miss Susan and Ponder Stibbons

Church Lench, Worcestershire
Saturday, 11th April 2015

General ringing at mid-day by the Church Lench ringers in memory of:
Private Robert Geoffrey Aston
Warwickshire Yeomanry Service

Died 11th April 1915, aged 22.
Drowned at sea from HMT Wayfarer

Robert Aston was a ringer, and his name is recorded on the Central Council's Roll of Honour. He was the son of Enoch James and Marion Ada Aston of Church Lench.

Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, 7 June, 1296 Grandsire Caters: 1 Rachel Page, 2 Jeanette Davey, 3 Jennifer Winslow, 4 Mick Mears, 5 Jane Gilbert, 6 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 7 Charles Wilson, 8 John Perry, 9 Nick Allsopp (C), 10 Jacqui Hands. Rung to celebrate Jacqui's 40th year of ringing. Also to congratulate Mick on the birth of his first granddaughter, Evelyn Marie Salter, born on the 14th May 2015. 1st on 10: 4.

Todenham, Glos, 13 June, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: 1 Denise Hughes, 2 Tim Hughes, 3 Nick Allsopp, 4 Jeanette Davey, 5 Michael Haynes, 6 Roger Hunt (C). Rung on the official birthday of HM Queen and to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. A S@S Q.

Pebworth, Worcs, 14 June, 800 Mixed Doubles (All Saints, Reverse Canterbury, St Simons, St Martins, Plain Bob, April Day, Grandsire): 1 Phyllis Brazier, 2 Claire Penny, 3 Chris Povey, 4 Matthew Kemble, 5 Martin Penny (C), 6 Claire Allen. Rung at 3pm to celebrate 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta.

Offenham, Worcs, 14 June, 1260 Mixed Doubles (Stedman & Grandsire): 1 Georgie Roberts, 2 Chris Povey, 3 Claire Penny, 4 Martin Penny, 5 Matthew Kemble (C), 6 Anita J Harrison. For Offenham Wake and to mark the 800th Anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. First Q: 6

Wyck Rissington, Glos, 23 June, 1344 Wyck Rissington Hybrid Minimus (comprising 8 round blocks of 168 changes): 1 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 2 Chris Povey, 3 Roger Hunt, 4 Nick Allsopp (C). First Q in the method. First Q of Minimus 2,3,4. First Q of Minimus on tower bells 1.

Freeland, Oxon, 26 June, 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor: 1 Michael Probert, 2 Anthony Williamson, 3 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke, 4 Malcolm Fairbairn, 5 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 6 Neil R Ephgrave (C). Rung to celebrate the birthday of Neil Merryweather-Clarke.

Willersey, Glos, 27th June, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles: 1 Chris Gooding, 2 Jenny Chadburn, 3 Claire Penny, 4 Richard Lewis-Skeath, 5 Robert Chadburn (C), 6 Bob Topp. For the Willersey Flower Festival. First Q: 1.

Harbury, Warks, 29th June, 1282 Cambridge S Major: 1 Chris Mew (C), 2 S Oram, 3 James Ingham, 4 Karen French, 5 Robert Reeves, 6 Michael Dane, 7 John Nicholls, 8 Peter Quinn. 1st in method: 2.

(Please let me have details of quarters. I cannot guarantee to see them on Campanophile, Bellboard, or wherever. I do some, but probably not all. Ed)