Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Committee met on Tuesday 17th Feb at the Wellesbourne Church Centre. John Carroll presented apologies.

  1. Matthew Kemble had been co-opted to the Committee and was welcomed.

  2. The Minutes of the August meeting were agreed, subject to one typographical error being corrected.

  3. Matters arising were:-

    Xmas Party feedback: reduced attendance on previous years. Another location to be considered;

    Annual Dinner feedback: slightly reduced on previous years. May try another location in Moreton;

    Committee vacancies: Rev Peter Newing has agreed to be the Guild Chaplain, and Chris Mew will take over the Child Protection post. Thanks to both;

    Old Minute Book: Chris to pursue with Steve Bowley;

    Peal books: Sandra P has completed the update. Thanks to her;

    Striking Comp certificates: still outstanding

    Guild Library books: no takers as yet;

    Transfer of money to Bell Fund: done;

    Guild insurances: all renewed

  4. Reports: the following are highlights:-

    Hon Secretary: reported that 16 new members had been proposed and seconded as the Rules for membership dictate. They are: Georgie Roberts (Evesham); Claire & Colin Allen (both Offenham); Rob Newman and Thelma James (both unattached); Fiona Gibson and Nana Hirayama (both Bretforton), Nigel Ladds, Alison & Graham Lee, Philip Milward, Colin Sagar, Jackie Saville, Carol Wade and Bill Wadsworth (all Childswickham), and Martin Pleasance (Ebrington). Their elections were confirmed;

    Treasurer: Michael D said subscriptions were coming in well, but nothing had been received yet from the re-elected Quinton members;

    Ringing Master: reported that attendance at the Saturday practices is averaging 14, which he thought a good sign - and echoed by the Committee. He has introduced ‘Saturday @ Six’ quarter peal, rung before the Saturday practice and at another, but local, tower. This initiative to be mentioned in the Newsletter;

    Fixture Sec: reported an incident at a Saturday practice tower that could have led to damage. It was not the Guild's fault; and the Tower Captain took responsibility. It was agreed that a section on the attendance sheet be for reporting any incident of this nature, so that a contemporary record of such is available if a delayed claim is received.

    Newsletter Editor: submissions are being received, which is good news!

  5. Bell Restoration Fund: the application from Stanway for a grant towards the rehang there was considered. Extra bellwork costs were discovered after removing the headstocks. It was agreed to offer them £500;

    Pebworth:the new headstock has been fitted and it was agreed that Roger Hunt be asked to inspect for grant;

    Adlestrop:an application for a grant has been received. To be considered at the May meeting.

  6. Items for discussion:-

    Website:it was suggested there should be a link on the Guild site to the Harry Windsor Ringing Centre site. Also Guild Rules to be on the site. Hon Sec to discuss with Roland;

    Guild Facebook page: Richard L-S thought this a good facility and offered to develop it. Agreed (see Facebook)

    Guild Rule Books distribution: agreed to print more and that Stuart should have some to distribute as required at Saturday practices;

    2015 Events Programme:-

    InterShire Comp: John N is organising this for, probably 21st Nov;

    Ringing Tour: Richard has this in hand for 4th July and details will appear in the April Newsletter;

    Guild Walk: Michael H has it all hand for another on 26th September;

    AGM & Striking Comps: agreed with the PCC and Ringing Master for this to be at Pebworth. Details in July Newsletter

    Newsletter printing costs: it was agreed to pay those printing on their own printers and all-in amount of 6p per double-sided sheet. This should prove beneficial to both the Guild and the printers;

    Quarter peal before Committee meetings: it was agreed that meetings could start at 7.30pm if there were a Q attempt beforehand.

  7. AOB:

    Sherbourne Teaching Aids: the future of this was discussed, as Ted C might be having some difficulties. The Guild will help in any way possible.

Next Meeting: Tues 19th May 2015. Location to be announced.

Future Committee meeting dates: agreed as 18th Aug and 17th Nov.

(NB: these notes do not supplant the formally-agreed Minutes.)