Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Around the Towers

Peals, Quarter Peals and other special ringing:-

Little Comberton, Worcs, 24th Jan, 1260 Grandsire Doubles: Richard Lewis-Skeath 1, Matthew Rodliffe 2, Roger Hunt 3, Steve Bowley 4, Matthew Kemble (C) 5, Stef Whittle 6. With best wishes for a speedy recovery to John Alexander of Pershore & Malcolm Lampitt of Bishampton. The first Four Shires S@S (Saturday at Six) quarter peal.

Salford Priors, Warks, 26th Jan, 1344 Plain Bob Major: Chris Mew 1, James Ingham 2, Robert Reeves 3, Karen French 4, Alan Hartley 5, John Nicholls 6, Matthew Kemble 7, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 8. In memory of Stella Shell of Eastbourne, who died on 24th January.

Freeland, Oxon, 30th Jan, 1296 Beverley S Minor: Michael Probert 1, Malcolm Fairburn 2, Nick Allsopp 3, Lorna Curtis 4, Neil Ephgrave 5, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 6.

Cropthorne, Worcestershire
Saturday, 32st January 2015

1260 Grandsire Doubles

1 Chris Povey
2 Roger Hunt
3 Robert Hall
4 Matthew Kemble
5 Martin Penny (C)
6 Claire Penny

Conducted by Capt Martin Penny
(British Army, Ret'd)

Rung half-muffled in memory of William Ireland of Cropthorne. A ringer at this Church before enlisting into the Worcestershire Regt.

Killed in France, 31st January 1915, aged 18.

William Ireland's name is recorded on Cropthorne's War Memorial

Willersey, Glos, 31st Jan, 1309 Doubles (St Simon's, Plain, Grandsire): Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 1, Jeanette Davey 2, Michael Haynes 3, Matthew Kemble 4, Roger Hunt 5, Stef Whittle 6. Remembering Anthony J. Brazier, former Guild President, who died 1/2/96. (Should have rung 1296 changes…! Ed)

Stanton, Glos, 14th Feb, 1260 Plain Bob Minor: Roger Hunt 1, Michael Haynes 2, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 3, Claire Penny 4, Matthew Kemble 5, Steve Bowley 6 Remembering Geoffrey J. Hemming of Evesham, whose first peal was rung on the treble bell in this tower 97 years ago (Boxing Day 1917, Grandsire Doubles).

Pershore, Worcs, 6th Feb, 1260 Grandsire Triples: Claire Redstone 1, Madeline Reeder 2, Chris Povey 3, Robert Hall 4, Steve Bowley 5, John Nicholls 6, Andrew Evans (C) 7, A J Barnfield 8. Rung as a birthday compliment to R Roger Savory, our friend and fellow ringer, who will be 85 on 8th February.

Wellesbourne, Warks, 9th Feb, 1280 Original Major: Nick Allsopp 1, Mark Sayers 2, Chris Mew (C) 3, Karen French 4, Robert Reeves 5, Michael Dane 6, John Nicholls 7, Peter Quinn 8. 1st of Original Major: 1, 4 & 6.

Stratford-on-Avon, Warks, 22nd Feb, 1296 Grandsire Caters: Nick Allsopp 1 (C), Jeanette Davey 2, Jennifer Winslow 3, Richard Lewis-Skeath 4, Jane Gilbert 5, Simon Adams 6, Clive Sparling 7, John Nicholls 8, Charles Wilson 9, John Carroll 10.

Mickleton, Glos, 23rd Feb, 1260 Stedman Triples: Richard Lewis-Skeath 1, James Ingham 2, Karen French 3, Alan Hartley 4, Matthew Kemble 5, John Nicholls 6, Chris Mew (C) 7, Jackie Hands 8. First Stedman Triples - 5. Birthday compliment to Jackie Hands.

Offenham, Worcs, 1st Mar, 1260 Doubles (Stedman, Plain, Grandsire): Chris Povey 1, Georgie Roberts 2, Tom Sandham 3, Matthew Kemble 4, Roger Hunt (C) 5, John Cleveland 6. With best wishes to The Rev Anne Potter, moving to the Leigh Group in the Worcestershire West Rural Team, and rung immediately following her 'leaving' service by regular ringers from the towers here in the newly enlarged benefice of Badsey, Bretforton, Cleeve Prior and Offenham.

Freeland, Oxon, 13th Mar, 1440 Cambridge S Minor: Sue Rhodes 1, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 2, Alison Merryweather-Clarke 3, Michael Probert 4, Anthony Williamson 5, Neil Ephgrave 6. Rung in memory of Nutkin Ephgrave & also to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Quenilla Merryweather-Clarke.

Middle Littleton, Worcs, 21st Mar, 1260 St Simon's Doubles: Stef Whittle 1, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C) 2, Nick Allsopp 3, Michael Haynes 4, Matthew Kemble 5, Claire Penny 6.

Pebworth, Worcs, 22nd Mar, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles: Freda Cleaver 1, Rosemary Cole 2, Matthew Kemble 3, Georgie Roberts 4, Claire Penny (C) 5, Tom Sandham 6. 1st Q: 2

Harvington, Worcs, 28th Mar, 1260 Doubles (St Martin's, St Simon's, Plain): Roger Hunt 1, Michael Haynes 2, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C)3, Michael Probert 4, Neil Ephgrave 5, Stef Whittle 6. With best wishes for a speedy recovery to Rob Newman following a hip replacement procedure.

Childswickham, Worcs, 28th Mar, 1260 St Clement's College Bob Minor: Claire Penny 1, Michael Haynes 2, Roger Hunt 3, Neil Ephgrave 4, Steve Bowley 5, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C)6. Believed to be Michael's first quarter peal without a stay!

North Leigh, Oxon, 28th Mar, 1272 Cambridge S Minor: Michael Probert 1, Anthony Williamson 2, Michael Haynes 3, Alison Merryweather-Clarke 4, Neil Ephgrave 5, Richard Lewis-Skeath (C)6. Rung with gratitude and happy memories of laughs and wise words from Victoria Davey-Wilson who died too soon 6 years ago today.

Evesham, Worcs, 6th April, 1296 Plain Bob Caters: Roger Hunt 1, Robert Chadburn 2, Steve Bowley 3, Chris Povey 4, Claire Penny 5, Martin Penny 6, Bill Nash 7, John Nicholls 8, Richard Lewis-Skeath 9, Matthew Kemble 10. Rung half-muffled in cherished memory of Walter Kay Wornick, an American citizen from New York and latterly New Hampshire, whose generous donations brought about the flat 6th bell in 1976 and the extra treble bell in 1992, thus forming the ‘Transatlantic 10’ on which this quarter peal was rung.

(Please let me have details of quarters. I cannot guarantee to see them on Campanophile, Bellboard, or wherever. I do some, but probably not all. Ed)


Evesham Bell Tower: It's all stop here, as work to the Tower is just about to start. Please note: there is to be no ringing here until Christmas 2015. I will keep you informed on what is, or isn't, happening.

I regret to report that Joan Newbury of Childswickham died on Friday April 3rd. Joan was Guild member Mark Newbury's mother. I don't think Joan was ever a member, but she arranged ringing at Broadway, Childswickham and Buckland. Joan was a true Vale character. If she liked you, then you could make progress; if she didn't, you soon knew that was the case and there was little point in continuing. She could be stern but always in a polite way, and there was never any doubt about what she meant. You could have a good laugh with her, too, but she had to like you! I believe she learnt to ring at Broadway in her younger days, but she hadn't rung for 15-20 years. She would ring occasionally when her other son, Murray, came to Offenham on a Sunday morning. Her ringing style was 'interesting'. In the great order of things she was a good 'un: absolutely gun-barrel straight and straight-talking. We shall not see her like again; definitely one of the Old School! Many will remember her with great affection. I shall.

Bob Topp and Claire Penny helped Andrew Mills from Taylors with the work. Here they are with the old and new stocks.

Pebworth: The replacement headstock was fitted in early February. The 10 were tried out for grant purposes and everything works OK. The Guild grant has been paid. A quarter peal on the back 6 has now been rung (see Q's and peals). It is good to have this handy light 10 back in operation, particularly as Evesham's light 10 will be out of action until Christmas.

You may be interested to see what the old, fractured headstock looked like: scary!

Hinton-on-the-Green: these bells will also out of action from about July for perhaps 3 months, as the PCC have secured a large grant to undertake essential repairs to the roof of the tower and the church itself. The roof of the tower leaked badly during heavy rain, so it's very good to know this problem will be overcome. If there's sufficient money in the pot, they may be able to undertake some refurbishment of the pulleys and clappers, which will be good. The bells (and the tower roof) have been badly neglected in the past.

Stanway:At the time of writing the bells are waiting to go back in. What an amazing difference there will be when they do! A horribly-going, untuneful ring of 4 transformed into a much better going, tuneful ring of 5. I'm looking forward to trying them.