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St Thomas' Morn at Ebrington

2014 St Thomas Band

There is a centuries standing local tradition which we still observe of ringing Ebrington church bells from very early morning, around 5:45 am, till 7:00 am on St Thomas' Morn, the 21st December.

A small number of other local Towers also still celebrate the traditional St Thomas’ Day, as he was recognised as the patron saint of Alms Charities, including our own Keyt Cow Charity; but could it be possible that we are also celebrating a pagan tradition of pushing back the gods of darkness, it being the shortest day?

Many Ebrington villagers look forward to this tradition, this year it was a Sunday morning, as they say it signals the start of the real Christmas season for them.

2014 St Thomas Breakfast

The 2014 Band comprised, Revd Fred Rothery, Peter & Pauline Banton, Stuart Cummings and Michael Cummings with Allen Turner taking the pictures.

Here is the 2014 Band in the tower, followed by the equally traditional 'ringers breakfast'