Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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!! S U B S C R I P T I O N S !!

Yes, folks, it's that time again: FSG subs are due on 1st January 2015. The rates are £5 for members and £2 for Juniors (under 18). Please pay as soon after this date as possible, as it benefits the Guild. (Please note: there is no Non-Resident Life Membership category. An annual subscription is required to retain membership.)

Payment may be made to Peter Kenealy, Membership Sec, or to Michael Dane, Hon Treasurer. It would assist greatly if, when paying by cash, you use the payment slip attached to this Newsletter.

(Please note: those who haven't paid their subs by June 30th will cease to receive the Newsletter)

Events for 2014: book the dates:-

Guild Annual Dinner7th February at The White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh
Guild Ringing Tour4th July. Organiser is 'El Tour Supremo' (Richard L-S!). Details tba
Guild Walking Tour26th September. Organiser is Michael Haynes. Details tba
AGM & Striking Comps17th October; Pebworth, Worcs. Details to be confirmed.
Inter Shire Comp21st November. Organiser 'El Pres'. Details tba
(Note: no Minimus Comp this year, as this and the Inter Shire Comp now alternate.)
Guild Christmas Party12th December, probably Wellesbourne