Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Newsletter no 25 — SOS!! WAS IT PRODUCED?

Various documents about the Guild were passed on to me on becoming the Hon Sec. Among these was a pile of old Newsletters. The Newsletters didn't comprise a full set, so I pondered what might be done with them. After all, Peter Kenealy has the Guild's full set — or does he? Better check. Yes, Peter confirmed he has the full set, except for issue no 25, which would have been produced in mid/late 1984. He said he had never seen a copy of no 25, even though he'd seen one or two other comprehensive sets of Newsletters. He wondered whether no 25 was ever produced.

Ah! I think; I'll bet the Central Council Library have a copy of this issue, because (so I thought) a copy of each Newsletter print run has been sent there for many years. The answer wasn't quite what I suspected. They have all Newsletters from issue 122 to date, but only one solitary copy prior to 122: issue no 40. It seems a copy had been sent to The Ringing World for many years, but unfortunately there had been no passing on to the Library.

That leaves the question of no 25 still unanswered. Was it ever produced? If it's thought not, we could do with proof that this is so. It can then be deleted decisively from the list.

If it was produced, does anyone have a copy of this extremely elusive Newsletter?

If you are a long-term FSG member and have squirreled away your old copies, would you be very kind and dig them out to check on this, please? The Guild will be very grateful indeed to complete its list of Newsletters. Your copy can, of course, be photocopied if you wish to retain it.

Chris Povey