Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Guild's library — books to be sold

At their meeting in November the Committee decided to dispose of the books that are held in the Guild's library. It is not thought any of these books have been borrowed for many years: they are just taking up space. It would be far better if they were converted into some money, however small the sum, which would be put into the Bells Restoration Fund.

No reasonable offer for the books will be refused. Towers wanting a selection of books to be available to its ringers may find this an excellent opportunity to obtain a number at an advantageous price. Should there be an up-and-coming tower that is cash-strapped, the Committee may be minded to donate some of the books if a good case is made. Give it a try: you don't get if you don't ask!

Should there be a member or a tower that wishes to purchase the whole lot, get in touch asap. The books are listed below:-

A Schedule ofRegular Maintenance.    Central Council.

Collection of Doubles Methods.    Central Council.

Collection of Plain Minor Methods.    Central Council.

Conducting for Beginners.    Central Council.

Doubles & Minor for Beginners.    Central Council.

Elementary Method Construction.    Central Council.

Elementary Method Splicing.    Central Council.

Guidelines for a do-it-yourself Project.    Central Council.

Judging Striking Competitions.    Central Council.

Maintenance Handbook.    Central Council.

Minor Methods.    Central Council.

Place Notation.    Central Council.

Towards Better Striking.    Central Council.

Tower Captain's Handbook.    Central Council.

Triples & Major for Beginners.    Central Council.

Arranging one day ringing & maintenance courses    Oxford Guild.

Belfry Care & Maintenance.    Oxford Guild.

Bibliography.    Oxford Guild.

Bob Calling for Beginners.    Oxford Guild.

Eight Doubles Methods.    Oxford Guild.

Grandsire Doubles.    Oxford Guild.

Learning Change-ringing on handbells.    Oxford Guild.

Plain Hunting & Plain Bob Doubles.    Oxford Guild.

Rope Splicing.    Oxford Guild.

Sound Control.    Oxford Guild.

Stedman Doubles & Singles.    Oxford Guild.

Surprise Minor-Part 1    Oxford Guild.

Surprise Minor-Part 2&3    Oxford Guild.

Conducting & Coursing Order.    John Longridge

Conducting Grandsire Triples.    Norman Chaddock

Grandsire Doubles & Triples.    J. Armiger Trollope

Ringing Circles.    Chris Adams

Ropesight.    William Snowden

Standard 70 (x2)    John Longridge

The Follow-on Book for Bellringers (x2)    Pam Copson

The Method Ringers Companion.    Steve Coleman

The "Standard 8" Surprise Major Methods.    Peter T. Hurcombe

Treble Bob Major Variations    John Longridge

Will You Call a Touch Please, Bob?    Peter T. Hurcombe

Chris Povey, Hon Sec