Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The Guild's Bell Restoration Fund

The Guild has a Bell Restoration Fund (BRF). It was established at the Guild's 2010 AGM and since then has paid or committed grants to various churches for work to their bells.

The BRF originated from a sizeable amount of money the Mid-week Tours had amassed over a few years. That group is still a major contributor. The Fund is administered by the Guild Committee.

This year has seen grants paid out or offered to Dumbleton, Whichford and Pebworth. The full list since the Fund started is:-

St Mary's, Temple Guiting, Glos
new treble bell to make 6
St Peter, Welford-on-Avon, Warks:
new belfry access ladder
St Michael, Cropthorne, Worcs:
six new polyester top-ropes and pulley refurbishment
St Laurence, Wyck Rissington, Glos:
rehang of the bells
St Peter, Hinton-on-the-Green, Worcs:
clear belfry of birds and apply netting
St Michael, Whichford, Warks:
new ropes and pulley refurbishment
St Peter, Dumbleton, Glos:
pulley and clapper refurbishment, and bellframe repair
St Peter, Pebworth, Worcs:
replacement of cracked tenor headstock
(not yet paid; awaiting imminent completion of work)

The amounts of the grants paid out always appear in the Guild's accounts; and to date they total £1,910 (including the grant offered to Pebworth for the replacement of the cracked tenor headstock, which work is imminent).

While not in the league of the grants given out by the Diocesan and county associations/guilds, this total is nonetheless a goodly sum from only four years operation by an organisation that has far-fewer members than the big established bodies.

One grant application is currently before the Committee for discussion at the February meeting.

The Guild's financial assistance towards the installation of the new treble at Temple Guiting is recorded on a brass plaque in the Church itself, along with similar from the Gloucester & Bristol DA, and of course the donor of the bell, the Rev Dr Peter Newing.

The BRF is a Restricted Fund within the Guild's accounts and is therefore accounted separately. The Committee has agreed that certain income will be accredited to the BRF automatically. Sometimes money from the General Fund is transferred when there is sufficient to do so, but this needs a formal proposition and a majority in favour.

The Rules of the BRF appear in the Guild Rule Book. A Notice about the availability of grants to churches with ringing bells within the Guild's area of operation usually appears in the Newsletter. Contact the Hon Secretary for details and/or an application form.

Should you (singular or plural) wish to contribute to this extremely worthy cause — it is the Guild's very visible contribution (other than actual ringing or volunteer work) to bells within the area: giving money is always 'good currency' with PCCs — then the Committee would be very delighted to hear from you. All donations to the Guild are automatically accredited to the BRF account.