Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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It would normally be most ungallant to mention the age of a lady, but, as this was mentioned in a footnote to a recent peal at Moreton-in-Marsh, I don't feel quite so guilty about doing so. To celebrate this occasion, which happened at the end of August, Freda laid on a party. This event brought back many memories of the similar event Freda organised 10 years previously, particularly as many there attended then. It is hard to believe that Freda has reached the present milestone, as she seems not to have changed in that time. She is certainly 80 years young. It is of course true to say that those attending are also 10 years older! I'm quite sure I've changed…

Freda doing the bizz, with Chris P, Nick Allsopp and Richard L-S.

It was good to meet Freda's son and daughter again, together with their families. Freda's daughter had hardly changed, too; must be something in the genes.

Happily the weather stayed dry. Freda's garden was lovely, with gazebos erected to shield guests from rain if it started to patter, but thankfully it kept fine.

Some of the ringers found a corner of the garden with seats and a table, whereupon Freda produced some handbells. This was too much of a temptation, so they were used. Freda joined in. We managed rounds and

some call changes, plus plain hunting on 6. We even tried Grandsire Doubles with one bell per ringer and managed a course.

Freda was presented with a crystal glass bell by members of the Welford-on-Avon band as a token of their appreciation for Freda's successful management of the ringing there. Understandably, Freda was most surprised and a group photo was taken of the event. It is very clear, Freda, that they wish you many years in that capacity!

The Welford band presenting the crystal bell to Freda, L-R: Stuart Formby, Ewart Harper, Sandra Parker, Freda, Rosemary Cole, Mavis Gray, Ian Sturgess. Maureen Wright and Edward Timmins were unable to be there, but Freda wishes them to be associated with this photo.

Again, as last time, there was a wonderful array of eats and drinks to cater for everyone's tastes.

This was another event to cherish in one's memory. Thank you Freda for the invitation to attend and we look forward to the next one in 10 years' time, which I'm sure will occur!

Chris Povey