Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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On this day, which would have been the late Juliet Reynold's 50th birthday, Brailes ringers, Four Shires Guild members and ringing friends of Juliet went on a ringing tour to towers off the Fosseway in Warwickshire.

Juliet asked me to arrange a ringing tour on her 50th birthday, and her husband, Chris, would learn to ring for it. So, with her in our thoughts and Ian driving the mini bus, we set off up the Fosseway.

Our first ring of the day was at Harbury, where we were joined by other ringing friends of Juliet. At Harbury husband Chris had a short ring, as was her wish.

We then went to Radford Semele, a 6-bell ring that was gutted by fire several years ago and has been rebuilt and bells rehung. This was followed by ringing at Cubbington. By then we were about 30 in total in our tour!

We then had lunch at the King's Head at Cubbington, just over the road from the Church.

Ringing at Wolston, L-R: Michael Cummings, Bill Nash, Chris Righton, Jackie Hands, Keith Chambers (Tower Captain) just out of sight behind Jackie, Michael Haynes, John Carroll & Richard L-S

After lunch we then travelled to Wolston Church, and our final ring of the day was at Brinklow Church. These bells were augmented to a ring of 8 bells in 2011, the two new trebles being cast by John Taylor & Co. The work was completed at Easter 2011.

A lovely day was had by all, and we fulfilled Juliet's wish.

A sum of £435-00 was sent to Breast Cancer Research and a receipt received. Many thanks to all for this excellent sum raised.

Stuart Cummings.