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Rob Harvey's Birthday Peal

To celebrate Rob Harvey's 96th birthday it was decided instead of ringing the usual quarter that we should ring a peal. To make the peal that bit more special it was going to be 5096 changes long instead of the usual 5088 for a surprise method on 8 bells. The next decision: which method to ring? Looking at various method name databases it was decided that as we were ringing at Whichford the method would have to be Whichford Delight Major, which was first rung to a peal on tower bells on Saturday 30th April 2011 at Whichford. (Place notation: -38-1456-1256-18-14-18-12.56.78, lh12)

Coventry Diocesan Guild
St Michael,Whichford, Warwickshire
Saturday, 21 June 2014 in 2h 53m (13)

5096 Whichford Delight Major

1 Keith R Murphy
2 Richard Lewis-Skeath
3 John W G Gwynne
4 Nicholas K Allsopp
5 Robert Tregillus
6 Mark W Sayers
7 Simon E Adams
8 Michael Chester (C)

Rung as a 96th birthday compliment to Robert Harvey, a ringer at Whichford for 85 years.

Photograph of the band just after the peal.
Front r-l: Keith, Richard, John, Nicholas.
Back: l-r: Robert, Mark, Simon, Michael.

Before the peal Rob came and was introduced to the band and listened to the striking. Despite the unusual start the band quickly settled into a good rhythm and the peal was scored in just under 3 hours. Afterwards the band, along with Rob's family, retired to the Norman Knight Inn for refreshments and lunch.

The composition was specially created to give 5096 changes. For a typical Surprise/Delight method there are 32 changes per lead end, so with ringing 159 lead ends you get 5088 changes. To get the extra 8 changes the band started the method on the 25th row of a lead end. This is shown in the composition below.

Composed by D F Morrison
5,096 Whichford Delight Major

(432156)  B    M   W   H
134256         2*      -
 53246             -   3
 34562    -
 56342         3   -   -
 52643         2   3   -
 65243             3   -
 43265    3            -
 36452    -            3
 45362             -   -
 23456    4            -

2* = t -.

t = 34.

Start with rounds the 25th row of a lead, the 4th acting as the treble. Calling the t at Middle eight blows later, makes the treble begin its proper work for the rest of the peal.

The band would like to thank: Peter Kenealy for helping with the arrangements and ensuring the ropes were in excellent order; also, to Rob for kindly providing the refreshments and lunch. We wish him many more years of happy life.

Nicholas Allsopp

(Glad the peal was successful. I think we all wish Rob many more years of happy life to come. Ed)