Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Method(s) of the Quarter

Did Wolford and Whichford Surprise Minor methods get tried? It would be nice to think so. What have we this time?


I resisted the temptation to offer Evesham S Royal for the 10-bell practice there on September 6th (lovely method though it is). Instead I offer Bretforton Surprise Major for the practice on August 9th. Most 'standard' Surprise ringers will see it is essentially Pudsey S Major altered a bit: 'bastard Pudsey' perhaps? It is all right-place except for the 5-6 places of 2nd's place bell and 5th's place bell.


(Please don't let me stop those who would like to have a go at Evesham S Royal at the practice. The blue line is readily available — see the following website for a print-out:- and here is here is the place notation if you don't have a computer.

x50x16x1270x1238x14x58x16x70x18x70, lh12

It really is a perfect extension of the Major.)