Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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The introduction of Sunday trading and general freedom of carrying out sports, etc, on Sundays was greatly frowned upon by many, but to no avail.

On Sunday 18th May we bellringers left the Church of St Mary's, Ilmington, and the congregation members were arriving. There, in full view, a grave digger was busily at work. (I can imagine his answer if questioned about gravedigging on a Sunday: They dies on Sundays, so I reckons I can dig holes for 'em on Sundays…! Ed)

On the following Sunday at St James, Chipping Campden, no sooner had

the bride entered the Church than a big lorry backed up to the steps and the driver commenced collecting Portaloos from the rear of the building. They had been used for the Music Festival. When informed that a wedding ceremony was taking place he responded simply: 'I shall have to hurry then.'

He duly completed the task, at double speed, shortly before the Service concluded. Heaven knows what the dozens of visitors waiting to enter the Church thought!

John Kinchin.