Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers

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Method(s) of the Quarter


The Evesham Surprise Major was tried out at the practice held there on February 15th. Strangely, two attempts on the 15cwt 8 failed to complete a course, but an attempt on the 36cwt 8 did succeed. Not sure what this says about the Guild's abilities!

If the Evesham Major spiced-up the practice there just a little bit, here is another to make the Saturday practice at Great Wolford on May 24th more interesting, Wolford Surprise Minor; and another to make the Saturday practice at Whichford on June 28th more interesting, Whichford Surprise Minor. Both these method were first rung in July 1969 as part of a multi-Minor peal rung for the Coventry D Guild at Shilton, Warks. A number of new methods formed part of the peal, all of which were named after Warwickshire places. Two of those new methods were the two here, so it's nice to have the towers after which they were named paired up for the Saturday practices in this quarter and the two method 'twins' also offered as a pair (particularly as they are almost identical).


PS: full marks to those who noticed I'd placed the start of 6th's place bell in the wrong position for the Evesham S Major in the last Newsletter. Sackcloth and ashes to those who had sufficient experience to notice, but didn't! CP